Who accepts Ethereum – A guide to Ethereum purchases

Say what? But who accepts Ethereum? Where do I spend it?

Let’s imagine a borderline popular story here – you have been investing in crypto, most likely in those that are more popular than others.

It’s going good, you have a few Altcoins, maybe BTC and some ETH, as any self-respecting investor would (or you have at least thought about it).

Then comes a moment, when you are in a good place and it might be time to splurge on something you have been longing for or…

You have a necessity for some of that investment put to use.

You have also heard how much faster ETH converts in transactions. Well, compared to the almighty BTC at least. So naturally you start wondering – who accepts Ethereum? How and where to spend Ethereum?

I’m going to put your mind at ease here – there are plenty of places already accepting ETH and plenty upcoming in the near future. If that aint your game plan though – converting ETH into BTC is always an option!

But first thing’s first.

Who accepts Ethereum?

If you’re an efficient planner and Christmas gifts aren’t going to sort themselves out – Amazon gives you an option to buy gift cards using ETH. Then there is an online shop called GiftOff, which would help you spend more than 35 different digital currencies for over 120 different retailers. Good start, right?

But let’s say that those generic shops don’t interest you, so who accepts Ethereum other than these shops?

Some other shops that might suit your needs – Overstock, OmioPeddler or something more cliche, like Coinpayshop – well this one just speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Where else to spend your Ethereum?

Well, there are certainly more options. If you are the type to reinvest, you can buy gold and silver at Amagimetals or maybe acquire some precious gems at Chicagogemshop.

Heck, you can even shop for fresh food using your ETH at 1000ecofarms!

The variety really keeps on growing, as does the crypto world.

Let’s say you just want to see all the places that accept ETH in one window – Coinpayments would be a great place to take it all in and then choose the best way for you, to spend your ETH.

It can be overwhelming, that’s a given. But I am here to tell you – it doesn’t have to be! So here is a step-by-step guide, if you will, on how easy it is to execute a purchase, at least from some of those sites mentioned above:

  1. Came here to buy a gift card for my girlfriend, since who knows what girls don’t spend money on these days, if you get what I mean. So Giftoff.com is a great way to pick a gift and pay using ETH.
  2. I immediately notice the big black ASOS logo, looks like something Mary (my girl) would naturally drift to herself, since it’s 99% clothes and shoes, and we also have about half the closet full of bags from this shop, so I clicked on the ASOS logo, which then redirected me to to this window here:
  3. Everything looked about right; the card gives my lady friend about 2 years to decide what dress to go with before expiring, which seems reasonable enough (smh).So I go on and click on the ‘Buy now’ window, which then urges me to sign up at the website, naturally. I then did just that, verified my account via e-mail and we are directed to ‘my dashboard’. All you have to do is go back to the ‘Gift card’ section indicated up here:
  4. You can then go back to said gift card and select the amount that should be on it. I believe 50£ should be just enough for a new dress. Don’t hold my word for it though. Select the amount and click on ‘Buy now’ window:
  5. Here’s a nice touch, where you can really personalise the gift, in case it isn’t for yourself. Even if it is, who said you can’t personalise your own gift? Here’s your chance:
  6. Fill out the blanks. Here’s is my personalised message to Mary, again, please don’t try this at home… I have warned you. Now, you can also add receiver’s e-mail, which is where they will receive your gift. You then have to click on ‘Continue to payment’:
  7. Here is where the fun starts. You can select whichever payment you wish to use. Our goal is to use ETH, so we select ‘Pay with Altcoins’. Great thing is we also earn points by paying, which can then be redeemed in this shop again. Great for Mary I’d say.
  8. A small drop down bar then appears just above the payment methods, where we have to select the desired Altcoin. In this case ETH. We will then click on the red window right next to the bar ‘Choose Altcoin’:
  9. Alright, we got this far. Now we can see the summary of our order and fill out our ETH address. Go ahead and do just that. Click ‘Continue’. I’ll go on and tell Mary there’s and early Christmas gift in her e-mail:

who accepts ethereum  

That’s all folks

So that’s that for my little tutorial! Works pretty similar at all of the other aforementioned websites. You would only need to know your ETH address and be ready for how fast, effortless and convenient it is to spend it!

Okay, now I know I said you could also convert your ETH to BTC, if that’s a better option for you. In this case, I would suggest you visit a site called bestchange.com, which gives you a breakdown on current exchange rates in all different exchanges.

What’s great about this website, is that it shows the best exchanges at the top of the 20+ exchanges list, which is about as good as putting the spoon in your mouth, mind me saying.

All you have to do then is select the preferred exchange from the list, click on it and voila!

Most of the sites will demand that you sign up, which is a standard procedure and frankly makes life easier next time you want to exchange.

So if you ask me again – who accepts Ethereum?

I’d say – enough for you to get confused on where to spend your Ethereum!

Paying with ETH is barely a difficult task – all you have to do is select just where you wish to spend your ETH and watch it land on your doorstep!