26 Best ICO White Paper Writers Sorted by Price & Exp. [+work examples]

2017 saw a huge boom in companies raising money by issuing their own digital currencies which are structured similarly to bitcoin, in return for funds to build their business.

This boom created a huge demand in the market for  ICO white paper writers. 

Whitepapers do not only show the business plans and strategies of the business, it also conveys the vision and conviction of the team. 

Hiring a crypto whitepaper writer is essential to your ICO because a professional whitepaper writer can pitch the ICO to investors in a way its progenitors cannot. 

So, the question is – how to find the best solution for your upcoming ICO and where to start your research for a decent blockchain white paper writer?

Worry no more, because we have compiled a list of some of the best crypto white paper writers just for you!

Without further ado, this is our list of the 26 best crypto white paper writers!

Best White Paper Writers and Agencies

Brian R.

“If it’s technical as blockchain technology, avoid guesswork and leave it to the gurus!”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 3k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 50.00
  • Previous work: http://moonlite.io/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Moonlite-Final-White-Paper.pdf

Michele M.

“I specialize in all types of written content with a special interest in the fields of cryptocurrency, finance and investing.”

Theodosios T.

“I have extensive experience writing about all technical aspects of blockchain technologies and how they relate, integrate and provide solutions for other industry sectors.”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 100k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 106.25
  • Previous work: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BgfNrstDLrHFaSa385K-qhF43dRF16BHbkULLH10mSY/edit

Cahyo S.

“The whitepapers that I’ve published have raised MULTI-MILLION USD before the ICO process start.”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 20k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 30.00
  • Previous work: https://www.skillchain.io/docs/whitepaper

Natalie T.

ICO, STO, Blockchain, Tech, Law, P.R., Marketing, & UX Copywriting”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 50k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 100.00
  • Previous work: Portfolio upon request

Patrick S.

Expert Writer & Editor. Blockchain & ICO Content Pro.”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 300k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 80.00
  • Previous work: https://media.qravity.com/media/filer_public/72/d6/72d614e4-8e65-40e6-a27e-9aab39016f20/qravity_whitepaper_v1-0_public_en.pdf

Stella L.

“Whitepaper – Copywriter Blockchain/ICO/STO – Crowdfunding”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 200k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 69.00
  • Previous work: https://www.icochaser.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Real-Pound-ICO-White-Paper.pdf

Galina M.

Business & Finance Copywriting | Blockchain & ICO Writing”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 100k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 95.00
  • Previous work: https://gath3r.io/documentation/

Geoffrey W.

White paper and landing page specialist who helps you find your voice”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 90k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 100.00
  • Previous work: https://www.upwork.com/att/~~VINXiRTgqgr3nlWlxmUieqU2TTclNEg41h-1qdjflh*M3q-Lp*XsTDQOHeJK-kblVe*vhYToksPSFS40A-LXug==

Kat C.

“Data Scientist | White Papers | Finance | Technology | ICOs”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 100k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 100.00
  • Previous work: https://mfchain.com/wp/

Art I.

ICO Whitepaper Writer & Blockchain Consultant”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 10k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 105.00
  • Previous work: https://aquaintel.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/AQUA_WP_V1-min.pdf, https://www.upwork.com/att/download/portfolio/persons/uid/971184243206004736/profile/projects/files/1016413031469916160

Daniel N.

Blockchain Expert Copywriter|Bitcoin/Ethereum/Altcoins/ICOs|”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 60k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 39.25
  • Previous work: https://www.bestbitcoinexchange.io/kraken-review/

Nicola S.

Technical Writer | fintech, blockchain & ICOs | whitepapers, web copy”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 20k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 75.00
  • Previous work: https://ausfinex.com/

Ed O.

Copywriting, White Papers, and SEO – Blockchain | Tech | Science”

  • Money earned or Experience:  $ 30k+
  • Pay per hour:   $ 67.50
  • Previous work:  https://www.upwork.com/att/download/portfolio/persons/uid/663603943359623168/profile/projects/files/920513316119072768

I Write ICO Whitepapers [dot] Com

Grace (Rebecca) Rachmany and associates

“Get your ICO with a professionally-written whitepaper. I provide a full service, from discussing your goals, creating the outline, and writing the contents of the whitepaper.”

  • Money earned or Experience:   30 years of professional writing experience, 25 years in high-tech.
  • Pay per hour:   Market prices, quote after contact, depending on the project.
  • Previous work: https://iwriteicowhitepapers.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/whitepaper.pdf, https://www.intlcoin.io/#whitepaper, https://grainchain.io/pdf/GrainChainWhitepaperV1.4.pdf


“Get an insightful and investor-attracting Blockchain ICO whitepaper for your project based on comprehensive research and skilled blockchain content creation.”

  • Money earned or Experience:   Extensive experience with numerous clients and top reviews
  • Pay per hour:   3 packages to choose from, approximately 0.18c per word
  • Previous work: Upon request, follow on Fiverr for more info: https://www.fiverr.com/article_elf


“The white paper is the first thing which grabs the attention of user quickly in ICO and a good written white paper is always made impression on the user’s mind. Get here impressive white paper writing services for your business at the affordable cost.”

  • Money earned or Experience:   855+ projects completed
  • Pay per hour:   Upon request, free quote.
  • Previous work:  http://sagbpm.com/demo/GlobaliPay/whitepaper.pdf, http://sagbpm.com/demo/angelhaus/whitepaper.pdf


“We Help You Develop Your ICO Campaign. Make It Successful With Our Expert Services. Whitepapers are the backbone of every ICO and the foundation of a crypto project. Ensure that yours is relatable and comprehensive.”

  • Money earned or Experience:  Numerous ICO projects completed since 2016.
  • Pay per hour:   Upon request, free quote.
  • Previous work: https://www.coingraph.io/completed-ico/


“We at SixPL, have written ICO white paper for several successful cryptocurrency-based startups across the globe.”

  • Money earned or Experience:  Over 100 white papers for various startups
  • Pay per hour:   Upon request, free quote.
  • Previous work: Provided after contact.


“A white paper is the document that defines the ideology and inner workings of a blockchain project. It is the essential and most important piece of your ICO.”

  • Money earned or Experience:  Numerous white papers for various startups and ICOs.
  • Pay per hour:   Upon request, free quote. Payments by credit card or crypto provided.
  • Previous work:  Samples provided after contact.


“We are the team of professional technical writers who are passionate about blockchain technology.”

  • Money earned or Experience:  10+ Years Technical Writing Experience, 2+ years Blockchain Experience
  • Pay per hour:   Starting at 3 Bitcoins.
  • Previous work: Provided after contact.


“White papers establish your brand as an expert in a given field or on a specific topic, boosting credibility and demonstrating thought leadership, as they are effectively persuasive essays. White papers are ideal as part of a sales strategy.”

  • Money earned or Experience:  Dozens of success stories for Blockchain projects and more
  • Pay per hour:   Free quote after contact
  • Previous work: https://www.brafton.com/clients


“We are expert in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Quality white paper writing. White Paper up to 5000 words.”

  • Money earned or Experience:  68 ICO white papers provided
  • Pay per hour:  Free quote after contact
  • Previous work: http://www.icots.io/our-work.html


“We occasionally support clients on white papers, either by formatting/editing the white paper or by writing it from scratch. We typically work best alongside a domain expert client-side.”

  • Money earned or Experience: Trusted by more than 3000+ companies.
  • Pay per hour: $29.00
  • Previous work:  Provided after contact.

Israel C.

“ICO Whitepaper | ICO Marketing Campaigns | ICO Content
I am a software engineer with a keen interest in blockchain technology, Certified as a Blockchain Expert by Blockchain Council. I have written several ICO whitepapers, with some of them in their planning stage and others ready for their presale.”

  • Money earned or Experience:  Successfully written and delivered multiple whitepapers
  • Pay per hour:  £48.00
  • Previous work:  https://dw3i9sxi97owk.cloudfront.net/uploads/portfolioItems/ba65c0fc22ff50789bab623a43033e1a.pdf


“Investor backed and founded in early 2017, our vision is to turn dreams and ideas into reality by offering a one-stop solution for successful Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and other Blockchain based needs. This includes marketing, advertising, community management, PR and all things in between.”

  • Money earned or Experience:  More than 15 completed projects
  • Pay per hour:  Free quote after contact
  • Previous work:  https://vinchain.io/de/files%2FVinChainWhitePaperEn.pdf

Wrap up on the best white paper writers

This list includes our perspective of the best blockchain white paper writers with many different options to find the most suitable for your needs.

Remember to always make your own research and choose wisely and of course, depending on the budget you would like to spend on your upcoming ICO white paper.

The quality of your whitepaper can affect your sales impressively so don’t hesitate to spend some extra budget on it.

And for more useful resources to help you launch your ICO, check these posts:

If you have some recommendations for other individuals or agencies who could be included on this list or you would like to share some feedback about them please leave your comment in the comment section below.