What can You Buy with Bitcoin – 103 Sites that Accept BTC [16+ industries]

Bitcoin has been around for almost a decade now. But, what can you buy with bitcoin?

Now, just about everything.

Over time businesses have started to adapt and accept this next-gen currency for everyday payments.

More than 100,000 businesses accept bitcoin now. Realtors, fast food chains, retailers, cafes, banks, airlines, hotels, depots, universities, schools, cinemas, watch shops, the list goes on.

From that tedious list we’ve picked 103 different businesses that let you spend your Bitcoin online.

Even some big-name companies like Newegg and Tesla are in the mix.

From lollipops to funeral services – evertyhing is here.

Of course businesses go back and forth on accepting Bitcoins for their services. But, we’ve got you covered by keeping this updated periodically. Speaking of which, the list was last updated in August.

Scroll down and learn where you can spend your Bitcoins. You might even find a few favorites of yours.

Buy home supplies with bitcoin

Find great quality furniture, decor, electricals, doors, beds & pillows, windows, paints, gardening stuff, curtains & sheets; buy them with a click using your Bitcoins.

Home Articles

Home Depot

One stop shop to buy everything from home furniture to bulding materials. Although you can’t pay with bitcoin directly on the website, you can buy Home Depot gitfcards with bitcoins.

Bedroom Furniture


Just what you’d need for the coziest rest. You can spend bitcoins and get mattresses, bed bases, pillows, sheets, and other related accesories.

Travel with bitcoin

Just when you think travel can’t get more exciting you learn that you can travel with your bitcoins. It’s time to put your Bitcoins to exciting use(s). Book flights, hotels, cars, BnBs and more with Bitcoins.

Flights, Hotels, B&B, Car Rentals


Everything from flights, car rentals, vacation rentals, to bed & breakfast and more, from the largest travel company with Bitcoins

Omio (Ex: GoEURO)

Another great news for frequent travelers. Omio has rebranded and now offers you the chance to buy everything from flights, trains, and bus tickets cheaper than ever before. On top of that, if you click on the link above – you will find the chance to get 10 EUR discount. Sweet deal, huh?

We wish you a pleasant next trip.


Get cheap flights, hotels, and car rentals


Flights, hotels, and car rentals with the largest airlnes in the Baltics. However, Bitcoin payments are only accepted for the lowest class tickets.


Flights and hotels around the world


Private air travel club with subscription based flights


Book flights and hotels with your Bitcoins


Book BnB and other accommodations with your Bitcoins (acceptance depends on the property host)


Find great hotels, flights, and cars for rental, all for Bitcoins

Space Travel


Experience breathtaking views of Mother Earth. Take a trip to outer space and back with Bitcoins.

Universities accepting bitcoin

When you are paying thousands of dollars in tuition for university education (not you EU kids), you might as well enjoy some benefits by paying with Bitcoin.

Higher Studies

Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts | hslu.ch

One of the biggest universities in Switzerland has been accepting bitcoin payments since October 2017

King’s College, NY | tkc.edu

King’s College – been around since the 1600s was the first to adopt Bitcoin as a payment method in the U.S.

FPT University | fpt.edu.vn

All (and only) international students can pay their tuition fee with Bitcoin

University of Nicosia | unic.ac.cy

The largest University in Cyprus offers both Bitcoin tuition payment option and degree in Cyptocurrency

University of Cumbria | cumbria.ac.uk

First public university to accept Bitcoin payments in the world. However, only two cryptocurrency certificate courses accept Bitcoin payment as of now.

European School of Management and Technology | esmt.org

Located in the Bitcoin capital of Europe, ESMT has been accepting Bitcoin payments since 2016



Learn different programming languages, frameworks and coding practices from experts around the world

Investing your bitcoins

Bitcoin is better spent investing unless you’re indeed investing in Bitcoin. However if the fluctuations in the unregulated crypto market has made you want to invest in gold/silver you’ve come to the right place.

Invest your Bitcoins in precious metals and vice versa with the help of these businesses.


Sharps Pixley

Buy gold in Sharps Pixley’s online shop. A 0.5% surcharge will be applied for Bitcoin transactions.

Gold Silver

Purchase gold at GoldSilver with your Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies

Gold, silver & other precious metals

JM Bullion

Invest in gold and other precious metals at JM Bullion with Bitcoins. Accepted order size is between $100 and $250,000.


You can not only buy precious metals such as gold, but also sell metals for Bitcoin and Ether

Amagi Metals

Buy from a range of percious metals


Accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments on orders totaling up to $250,000

Bitcoin for Professional Services

Big companies like PwC have started accepting Bitcoins for their services such as accounting, tax preperation, legal matters and sorts.


PwC (accepting Bitcoins since 2017)

Accounting and different types of professional services

Back Bay Accounting & Tax

Bookkeeping, tax preperation & planning

Credit Card

Bitpay Card

Get an international USD Visa card using Bitcoins

Buy Bitcoin Online

You can also buy Bitcoin using basically any payment method on numerous different exchanges, including buying BTC with PayPal or as Germans would say Bitcoin mit PayPal kaufen. That’s also one of the most popular ways of buying BTC worldwide.

Gifting and donating Bitcoins

Share the love, share as you like, share it with Bitcoins. You can now make donations to charities with Bitcoins and even buy giftcards with them.



Buy, send, & redeem gift cards for popular brands such as Starbucks


Flowers and bouqets for Bitcoin


An online wallet that lets you buy and sell Bitcoin


Use Purse.io to shop with Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash. Avail 15% discount when shopping on Amazon


Buy and sell giftcards using your Bitcoin online


Purchase from a range of giftcards from companies across Canada



Support and fund various campaigns of your choosing with Bitcoin


Using Bitcoin & Blockchain for philanthropic causes

Fidelity Charitable

Directly donate to Fidelity Charitable in Bitcoin to maximize your value

Autism Speaks

Has been accepting donations in Bitcoin since 2015

The Water Project

One of the first charities to accept Bitcoin. Exhange your cryptocurreny for clean water.


Join the #CharityRevolution; make crypto donations


You can donate with Bitcoin online. They let you randomize the Segwit address for a more private transaction.

Heifer International

Accepting Bitcoin donations since 2016

The Liberitarian Party

Send Bitcoin donations through Bitpay service. Limits – $10,000 daily and $33,900 annual.

Food and beverages for bitcoins

Who’s in for eating some Bitcoins? Actually, eating WITH Bitcoins. Get pizzas, alcohol, and even groceries with Bitcoins at the convenience of online shopping.



Order pizza with Bitcoins and eat


De Wine Spot

Spend your Bitcoins on curated whiskeys, wines and sake

Alcohol Lollipops


Buy lollipops with cocktails, spirits, beers, wines, and oddities flavors/

Fresh Produce


Pay for your groceries and sorts with Bitcoin online

Fashion and Lifestyle with Bitcoins

You’ve kept up to date with technology, gotten acquainted with cryptos and blockchain? Then it’s time to step fashion game too – buy trendy clothes, watches, accessories, and wedding rings with Bitcoins.



Watches and Sunglasses designed with you and your wallet in mind

MCT Luxury Watches

Buy with Bitcoin – Swiss luxury in a click

Strapping Fellow

Strapping Fellow produces and sells custom watch straps made of Horween brand leather



Best travel bags – bring everything you need without checking a bag


Beloved T-shirts

Design your T-shirts online – easily create, sell, and order custom products

Girl Meets Dress

Girl Meets Dress is the leading luxury rental destination, for all of life’s special occasions


Bitgear – your source for the best Bitcoin t-shirts and merchandise on the internet


WOW underwear

Buy your boxer shorts, briefs, T-shirts, socks and perfumes at the best price throughout the year



Discover the nerd in you – buy t-shirts and apparels with Bitcoins

Trendy Woman

Trendy leather bags, purses, backpacks and sorts for women

Joli Originals

Wallets and sleeves for iPad, iPhone, MacBook, MackBook Air & MackBook Pro



Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and other designer accesories

All Things Luxury

Luxury rings, chains, watches, engagement rings and more with Bitcoins online

Beauty and Healthcare

Sure beauty is on the inside too. But how about spending a few Bitcoins to buy cosmetics and medical drugs to take good care of the inside and the outside?



Fresh handmande cosmetics – 100% vegetarian, naked packaging, sold for Bitcoins


Handmade soaps with cryptocurrency arts – operated by a young couple based in Southern California

Medical Drugs

The Swiss Pharmacy

Buy almost any branded and generic drugs and supplies – worldwide shipping. Also accepts Litecoin and Ethereum.

Top Extracts

Top Extracts sell natural sourced traditional extracts with superior packaging and for lower prices, Top Extracts takes pride in providing some of the best products in the industry.

Take your Bitcoin spending to the next level. Use Bitcoins to buy movie and sports tickets, bet on sports games, gamble and earn different Bitcoin casino bonuses, or even pay for porn.

Research Peptides

GoPeps are offering a broad selection of research peptides at a price range that will surely reach your ultimate satisfaction needs. The main advantage of buying peptides from GoPeps is that they offer only high-quality products at very affordable price.

Bitcoins for Entertainment

Cinema Tickets


A leading online movie ticketer serving approximately 30,000 screens in the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Latin America

Sports Tickets

Dallas Mavericks

Starting next season Dallas Mavericks, the NBA team will accept Bitcoin payment method



Bet on the outcomes of the biggest and best lotto draws the world has to offer


Play video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, slots and more. Get free Bitcoin credits to try out before you play with actual Bitcoins.

Video Games

PlayStation Network

Buy PlayStation Network (PSN) credits using Bitcoins

Adult Entertainment


Pay for porn with cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin

Suicide Girls

Buy membership with Bitcoins

Naughty America

Get premium online membership using Bitcoins

Vehicles and accessories

Bitcoins are pretty cool, am I right? So why not buy cool cars, bikes or accessories with Bitcoins?

Automotive Accessories


Headlights for all your auto needs

Bicycles & Accessories

Single Speed

Bikes from the best manufacturers specialising in single speed and fixed gear bikes in Europe and the US.



Use Bitcoins to buy directly from the EV industry leader. Thought buying Tesla was cool? How about buying Tesla with Bitcoin?

Firearms with Bitcoins

Bitcoins can buy you guns and ammunition as well. Is there any place Bitcoin won’t go!

Central Texas Gun Works

Central Texas Gun Works

Buy handguns, rifles, shotguns, and ammunition – all with Bitcoins

Bitcoin to say goodbye

If you’re an offical Bitcoin-iac like me, then you’ve got to pay the funeral services with Bitcoin. Come on now!

Funeral & Cremation Services

Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation Services

Fully licensed funeral service provider serving the greater Twin Cities Metro Area

Online retailers who accept bitcoin

And at last, here it is! These are some of the big players in the world of online retailing. With Bitcoins, you can buy on sites like Amazon, Microsoft, and NewEgg.


You can deposit funds into your Microsoft account with Bitcoins. These funds however, can only be used to purchase games, movies, and apps in the Windows and Xbox stores. You can’t use them to buy other electronics and products from the Microsoft online store.


Computer hardware, software, peripherals, gaming, electronics, accessories, DVDs, housewares, appliances, tools, furniture, office products and more


World’s first Bitcoin products search engine. Find more than 3 million products from over 550 merchants that you can buy with Bitcoins. It’s just like Google search, except you will be searching for a wide range of products you can buy with Bitcoins.

Zumi Australia

Shop best laptops and mobile phones online – interest-free with Bitcoins.


A wide range of computers, laptops, components, network equipment, peripherals, digital photography and televisions from stock.


Amazon no longer supports direct Bitcoin payment. However, a trusted third-party service such as PayBiz allows you to exchange Bitcoin for Amazon store giftcards.


Overstock is the first major retailer to join the Bitcoin market. You can now use Bitcoins to purchase big ticket items at a lower price due to overstocking.


Jewlery, clothes, home & living, toys, wedding necessities, and more

Kickass Kombat

Find a range of Japanese martial arts stuff here – fans, t-shirts, Katanas, ninja throwing stars and more

Online Services with Bitcoin

You can also buy a variety of online services with Bitcoins, such as web hosting solutions, VPN and proxy services, and payment services.

Payment Service Provider


An online payment service which can be integrated to your website to provide your customers with online payment methods


Payment service provider for both offline and online transactions at checkout

Proxy & VPN for Bitcoin


Private and business VPN solutions


Encrypted VPN service that provides you an anonymous IP address to enable secure browsing


Buy secure VPN services with Bitcoin; add another layer of privacy to your internet.

Internet Service Provider


High speed wireless internet and private networks, enterprise-class data center and colocation, and high speed internet for communities. Additionally for residential areas, affordable Las Vegas Internet service with local support 24/7.

Domain Name Registrar


Domain registration and management for individuals, businesses, and resellers


Hosting company that offers different types of hosting solutions, VPS, dedicated hosting, VPN, SSL certificates, shoutcast, enterprise emails, and domain names.


Web hosting service to individuals, government agencies, charities, publicly traded companies, Fortune 500 companies, and private corporations of all shapes and sizes, all for Bitcoins.


Provides shared hosting, reseller hosting, semi-dedicated and virtual hosting in Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Amsterdam NL, Singapore SG, Hong Kong China, and Toronto CA.

Web Hosting & Related Solutions


Customizable cloud VPS, dedicated servers, managed server plans, upgrades, and 24/7/365 support


Buy web hosting, domains and VPS with PayPal, Bitcoin, Payza, Skrill, WebMoney, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay, Credit Card and similar payment methods


Offers shared hosting, colocation, VPS server, dedicated server, autoscan, domain services, teamspeak, secure VoIP, and LIR services


A Canadian company offering DNS hosting services for your existing domains.

Technology Consulting

Dan Rubin Consulting

Managing virtual lives for a better reality. Your Bitcoins in exchange for computer repair services, network security and optimization, software tutorials and more.

Pay Bills Online

Yes to Bitcoins

Here you can pay bills for your Canadian credit/debit cards and also for some online merchants such as Amazon (UK, France, Spain and more).


Pay your bills to over 6500 products/services online using Bitcoins in Canada. Also you can send money with Bitcoins to personal bank accounts.

Bitcoin for Power

Last but not least, you can get power solutions with Bitcoins too.

Portable Power Solutions


Provides high quality mobile solar panel and energy storage solutions

Wrap up on what can you buy with Bitcoins

These are the 103 websites where you can spend your Bitcoins.

We’ve excluded on-site businesses such as cafes and burger joints, which would otherwise make the list longer than 100,000 even.

100,000? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

So, we included only the best and most useful websites where you can spend your cryptocurrency. Most of whatever you can think of buying with Bitcoin, you can buy on these websites.

And if there is something you wanna buy with your crypto – but you can’t, let us know in the comment section below and we will find the way.

Also we have more awesome articles on our blog. Be sure to take a look. 😉