Trezor Model T Review: The Ultimate Secure Crypto Wallet

If you are familiar with the crypto wallets you must have heard about Trezor One that was launched way back in 2011. Now they came with a more advanced and feature-rich crypto wallet the Trezor Model T.  Unarguably, it is the best offering from the company and one of the most advanced crypto wallets in the market today.  

With a bounty of features, great appearance and aesthetics, and awesome security, this hardware deserves a full review and closer look into all its offerings. 

Physical Appearance and Aesthetics

The Trezor Model T is designed to be handy with a low-footprint design with just 1.54 inches width, 2.52 inches length and .32 inches depth. It comes only in black with the classic Trezor logo with lock embedded on top of the device upon the black casing.  At the bottom, there are two mini ports, respectively USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 to allow you to connect your laptop. The color touch screen is the first of its kinda big all the crypto wallets presently in the market.

As far as the aesthetics and appearance are concerned, the black device looks modern, sleek and sophisticated. The hardware weighing just 22gm us extremely handy and portable and with a negligible footprint just slips well in your pocket. The device has an ultrasonic black casting with no screws or bolts and feels really sturdy.

Common Crypto Wallet Features

Trezor Model T comes loaded with all the key features of a crypto wallet and easily allows crypto transactions and getting access to transaction details.  Let us have a closer look into the various features of this advanced crypto wallet hardware.

To assure you optimum performance and efficiency, the wallet comes with a feature for doing recovery test. Before the user loads any crypto to the wallet he can make it go through a test only to ensure that the test can easily recover the wallet. This always offers you additional safety measures to stay clear of any errors when carrying out actual transactions.

A wallet is expected to work for a single user, right? Well, with this crypto wallet hardware actually a number of accounts can be configured and assigned just by pressing a simple “Add Account” button. These accounts are labeled and recognized separately. You can also maintain separate personal and business accounts as well.

When it comes to backup and mirroring, the new Trezor Model T makes it truly simple and quick. Two separate Trezor Model T devices can mirror one another with the same security pin. You can use one for the office and the other for your home. This offers easy continuity and ease of handling.

Trezor Password Manager us another great feature that working in collaboration with Dropbox allows users to save and store all the passwords while they can only be accessed by connecting the device to the computer.

U2FA is another key feature that helps to authenticate your device and right of access through a registered email. Though for this feature you need to connect the device with the web every time for accessing your email.

UI for Signup and Verification

One of the great improvements that this wallet hardware offers is in the signup interface. The interface looks really simple with the provision for signatures on the left and verification on the right of the page. The signup feature of the device provides proof of ownership by validating the address.

The device also allows creating hidden wallets secured and safeguarded with passphrases. Passphrase which is nothing but a word or sentence can be assigned as a passcode to any wallet.


The biggest thing about the new TREZOR is its uncompromising security features. The security features of this wallet device can protect your bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies against both physical and virtual theft. Trezor uses a hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallet technology to provide total control with the help of private keys. This also allows backing up the entire wallet with a 12-word recovery seed. The 12-word seed is randomly generated when the device is not connected online. In case your device is Lindt or damaged the 12 digit seed will help you to recover the entire wallet.

 As a security measure, you also need a Pin code for initial setup and for spending. The Pin number layout changes with each prompt for ensuring optimum security when authenticating.

Setup & Initialization

One of the best things about Trezor Model-T is that it remains fully compatible with every major operating system and it supports the latest versions of leading browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Let us describe the steps of starting the device as instructed on the packaging of the device.

  • Connect the Trezor T to your smartphone device or laptop.
  • Start the device and follow all the on-screen prompts.
  • As soon as the device firmware is updated the Model-T will restart and want to know whether it is a new device you are setting up or just trying to recover one of your pre-existing wallets.
  • Now, you need to take a backup of the wallet and create a new recovery seed. For this, all you need to do is to click the prompt “Create a backup in 3 minutes” and note down 12-word recovery seed generated randomly. 
  • Make sure the device stays on and don’t get out of charge until the entire process is finished.
  • Never take an image or save the seed in digital format or don’t share the same with anyone. Your security settings are as secure as the recovery seed and so make sure it doesn’t fall into the unwanted hands.  
  • After completing the recovery seed process you can name the device and configure an access pin with 4 to 9 digits. Twice you will be asked to enter the PIN for completing the process.
  • It is advisable to use a stronger Pin with more than statutory four digits and preferably with different combinations of numerical values and lower and upper cases.

User Friendliness

Given the fact the new Trezor T is full of value-added features and highly equipped for functional ease and secure operation, it is generally expected that it must be very user-friendly in overall measures. Well, the Touchscreen Display of the Trezor T offers a really intuitive user experience. The hardware is very responsive and offers more security measures besides the digital inputs.

As for the negative aspects corresponding to the user experience, a particular aspect is really annoying. The resolution of the touchscreen display is very low and makes it harder for the users to read screen text on the go.


Now, we need to take a hard look at the processing power and performance of this hardware wallet. Trezor Model T comes equipped with an ARM processor that can remain operative even at extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C. It is also a device that can work with all leading operating systems like device compatible with Windows, Linux and macOS. The hardware wallet supports the transaction with a whopping 650 different crypto coins.

Ready to Accommodate More Coins

Though Trezor T already supports an astonishing 650 different coins, it is also a highly expandable device that can support any new crypto coins in the future. By using an Open Source Firmware called Trezor Core that can be updated and upgraded to new versions with the inclusion of new cryptocurrencies. For accommodating new upgrades it allows expanding the memory capacity by using microSD cards in the designated slot introduced in the device.

After-sales support

The device also comes with robust after-sales support. Besides, you have access to a highly efficient troubleshooter along with all the help from a support team ready to answer all your queries round the clock. The support team is very responsive and comes to your rescue just within a maximum of 3 days.


As far as the latest information we could access, Trezor Model-T has a price tag of 139 EUR or nearly $165. The price seems to be a little steeper or overestimated compared to other products in the market. But when you actually compare with other wallet devices in comparison, the value proposition really stands out. It is always advisable to buy the product from the company’s own store instead of other third-party sellers.


From Trezor One to Trezor T really designates a jump in terms of a value proposition. Trezor T model apart from being all equipped to give users the best value for money with a crypto wallet, it also comes as a future-ready hardware solution to store cryptocurrencies of the future. With the Trezor T model, we finally have the best digital hardware wallet of our time.

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