Smart Contract Auditors [20 Best Companies & Freelancers]

Smart contract auditors can do wonders for your ICO.

But why let someone else do the auditing right?

Because when you rely on an external smart contract auditor to develop your smart contract, your smart contract security check will be especially prioritized.

There have been hundreds of cases of hacked smart contracts and lost funds.

Reasons to use smart contract auditor and security check include:

  • Determining if the code is secure for money exchange,
  • Validating and verifying wallet address (for typographic errors and such),
  • Spotting potential bugs, and
  • Detecting vulnerabilities and errors in the code

And all that can be exploited to extract user data or even steal all the funds raised in the ICO process.

It’s in your best interests to use these well renowned smart contract security auditors to make sure none of the above will happen when it’s time to launch your ICO.

Although this list has some of the best smart contract auditors, you have to see who suits your needs best and choose wisely 😉


Best Smart Contract Auditors (Freelancers & Companies)

1. AuthioAuthio Blue Logo

Authio sets the standard for blockchain security.

Have you code thoroughly examined and tested by the Authio professional security auditors to detect errors, omissions, and abuses. They’re providing several audit services such as, taint analysis, input validation, model checking, control flow analysis, fallback mechanisms, and more.

2. Hosho Hosho

Nearly 10% of all funds raised are reportedly lost or stolen.  It’s crucial to take security seriously. Especially understanding that meeting regulations is not enough to be safe from hacks. That’s where Hosho comes in, providing blockchain security services.

Hosho will ensure that your smart contract is secure and ready for deploying.

3. Openxcellopenxcell

Smart contracts guarantee total automation, decentralization, and increased transparency of many online processes. But, there is a need to ensure the security of smart contracts too.

Openxcell has 8+ years of experience and 200+ experts making Openxcell smart contract auditors a safe choice.

4. Experfy experfy

Experfy is a freelancing platform bringing together experts in smart contract auditing and consultancy. The experts include MIT professors and former Google employees.

Experfy is providing smart contract audit for the Ethereum blockchain. It’s been done through comprehensive and standardized audits through rigorous independent reviews.

5. Zeppelin

Zeppelin can verify that your smart contract system works as intended by performing an audit. Their engineers fully review your system’s architecture and your smart contracts codebase, then write a thorough report with actionable feedback for every issue found.

The company also has Coral, a platform that users can use to sell tokens securely to anyone around the world.

7. Solidifiedsolified is a crowdsourcing company where any developer can submit their code for comprehensive quality review by a network of qualified and certified specialists. The code is analyzed for intended behavior, security, Solidity construct usage, best practices and numerous different factors.

The experts will review the code based on Solidified Verification Standard and assign a score for the contract and report on critical, major, and minor bugs.

8. CoinFabrikcoinfabrik

CoinFabrik has more than 20 years of experience in building and reviewing security applications. They are offering many useful services such as smart contract development, developing exchanges and private blockchains on Hyperledger, loan data sharing, training and a lot more.

CoinFabrik, for instance, has built a back-end infrastructure for Monero, Zcash and 8 other cryptocurrencies. They also built back-end and infrastructure for Jaxx Wallet.

9. John C.

John C

John is ethereum smart contract developer and cryptocurrency expert. John has been using Bitcoin since 2013 and maintains a comprehensive knowledge of the greater cryptocurrency space. He is deeply involved in every aspect of crypto such as trading, fund security, software, development, and public outreach.

John is also deploying contracts on Ethereum mainnet, and performing testing and proof-of-concepts on many of the testnets.

10. BlockchainBlockhain, Ethereum and Smart Contract ICO Consulting

Blockchain, Ethereum and Smart Contract ICO consulting is providing solutions for business to approach commerce, trading, supply chain, and identification through transparency and security powered by blockchain and smart contracts.

For an hourly charge of $40 you can hire them to do smart contract development and audit.

11. Slava K.Slava K

Slava is a smart contract developer from Ukraine with a big passion for modern technologies and best practices, especially – blockchain, smart contracts, and solidity.

He is seeking new opportunities to build websites and services from the ground up for your business.

12. Husen C.Husen C

Husen is a top rated software developer on UpWork with an experience of more than 10 years. He’s a full stack web developer with a solid background in different programming areas. But his main focus is on future technology like blockchain for development of highly secure smart contracts, websites and control panels for ICO or smart contracts.

13. MxiCoders mxi coders

Mxicoders is a team of skilled IT professionals with extensive experience in building cryptocurrency exchange, Magento, and WordPress development.

They’re a cryptocurrency solution provider from India with big knowledge in various KYC, API, BitGo Express for Transactions API, SMS Gateways & DMS, etc.

14. Quantstamp

Quantstamp is an easy, web-based, automated smart contract auditing proof-of-concept service. They will run a security audit and audit your smart contract for potential vulnerabilities before deployment on Ethereum blockchain. They also share tips to help you evaluate how serious each vulnerability might be, all for the price of a cup of coffee.

15. New AlchemyNew Alchemy

New Alchemy is a security expert for your blockchain solutions. With big experience and top-tier developers, New Alchemy is one of the only studios that can be entrusted with this level of work. They offer a variety of services and smart contract auditing is one of them.

16. Miranz Miranz

Miranz is a service provider company which imparts solutions to every IT related query. Miranz offers various services including smart contract development, web and mobile application development, smart contract auditing, and more.

17. Techracers Blockchain Development Company – Ethereum | Hyperledger | Multichain Logo

Techracers promise to find even the smallest and simplest of glitches in the code that could lead to millions being stolen from your wallet. So you can be sure Techracers auditing services will protect your funds.

18. Robert M. Robert M.

Robert is a software developer and a consultant in the area of Ethereum and smart contract development. He has 19 years of experience in IT industry and has worked in many different projects all over the world.

19. Sergey N.Sergey N.

Sergey has had experience in blockchain development for more than 10 years. He is working as a CTO at Inn4Science which is European software development company with a headquarters in Las Vegas and Ukraine.

20. Iliya G. Iliya G.

Iliya is an Ethereum smart contract auditor and consultant. He has been a professional smart contract developer for more than 9 years. Iliya will make sure that your smart contract is programmed correctly without vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.


Smart Contract Auditor Pros & Cons

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As with everything employing smart contract auditors does come with its benefits and risk. These are the things that you should be look for when you’re considering smart contract auditors. The pros and cons are:


  • Still might be some minor issues or bugs
  • Untrustable auditor may find an exploit and won’t tell you about it
  • Hard to find good smart contract auditor


  • Bug fixes
  • Safe and secure smart contract
  • Find vulnerabilities before code is deployed
  • Third party may find something you don’t see or know