Crypto Pump And Dump Telegram Groups [The Ultimate List]

Profiting from crypto pump and dump telegram groups is easier than ever.

And this strategy gets more and more traction in cryptocurrency world since it’s not as regulated as in stock market where the pump and dumps are illegal. To someone who is willing to gamble and eventually earn some money, we have made a list of the best crypto pump and dump telegram groups.


Crypto Pump and Dump Tips to Know

– If you pump with more than 500 dollars, avoid pumps on Cryptopia: it is (In our opinion) difficult to master the resale of large amounts of coin on this site (lag when we cancel an order).
– If you want to do several pumps a week, register in several groups.
– Participate in pumps where groups are trying to increase the value of cryptocurrencies that have low Circulating Supply. In that way, you can be sure that even small Pump and Dump groups will be able to rocket the price of the Coin.


Telegram Crypto Pump And Dump Groups

⭐ Our Top Pick ⭐

1. YoBit Pump – The Ultimate Pump Group

This is the ultimate Crypto Pump and Dump Group.

When one of the biggest Crypto Exchanges makes a pump and dump – you know it must be big.

That’s exactly what YoBit did.

Now, they make pump and dump every week – don’t miss the next one, it’s in 24 hours. Join the pump and dump HERE.

For more information Singup to YoBit and they will notify you when the next Pump and Dump is coming.


⭐ Our Top Pick ⭐

2. Lordofpumps

Lord of Pumps offers crypto pump and dump possibilities in Cryptopia exchange. They have partnered with other cryptocurrency groups to make pumps massive and successful.


⭐ Our Top Pick ⭐

3. Whale Pump

WhalePump Reborn pump and dump channel has more than 15,350 subscribers. For their group newcomers they recommend using binance as primary exchange for pumping because they offer lowest fees and good prices.

4. PumpListRatings

This is a brand new channel which will provide a list of daily pumps and will rate them on personal past experience and user feedback to ensure you get involved in the most profitable and legitimate pumps.

5. LightningCryptoPump

Lighting Crypto Pump & Dump group is going to make their first pump when they reach 1,500 members. While we are in the bear market, Lightning Crypto Pump channel are steadily growing and waiting for the time to shine.

6. Cryptoosignalss

Crypto Signals are building a community to share the biggest pump and dumps known to mankind.

7. Mega_pump_group

Mega Pump Group are pumping altcoins to the moon and beyond! They also have discord channel and website They have more than 17,000 subscribers and their count is growing.

8.  WhalePumps

Whalepumps organize pump and dumps in YoBit exchange mostly with BTC pair. They’re promising no pre-pumps so that all of you may have the chance to make some profit.

9. AstroPump

Astronomical Pump recently went through changes when its founding author sold his channel for $21,000. New owner promises to make all the subscribers rich. Although he hasn’t been so active lately.

10. Crypto_Market_Wall_Street

Crypto Market Wall Street are building crypto market family by putting biggest emphasis on mutual trust. They claim that there will be no pre-pumping and no bots. So, every participant is equal.

11. Reliable_pump_advise

Reliable Crypto Pump & Advises have almost 3,000 subscribers and they are posting advise for all the cryptocurrency holders and traders.

12. AltcoinSafetyPump

Coin Pump & Coin Signals are providing pumps on Cryptopia & Yobit exchanges.

13. Altpumppower

Altcoin Global-pump Calls are doing pumps almost each day of the week. As previously mentioned Telegram channels, Altpumppower also claims there will be no pre-pumps and no early signals for fair chance.

14. CallOfPumps

Call of Pumps currently are building bigger community for better pumps. They’re also developing a new approach to their pumps that will greatly improve profits while market is bearish.

15. Thelordofthecryptos

The Lords of the Cryptos are Cryptopia Coin Pumpers. They are making many co-pumps to assure success of the pump.

16. EuropeanPumps

European Pumps have more than 1,500 subscribers and this channel is providing altcoin signals when market is bearrish.


Pump’N’Hold channel is mostly pumping altcoins with different strategies. Even though they don’t have as much subscribers as previous pump and dump telegram groups, their pumps look amazing!

18. Smashingpumpkings

Smashing PumpKings is another telegram crypto channel with a lot of subscribers. They are ready to kick things off again after the fall of crypto prices.


Most Promising Upcoming Pump and Dump Groups

While below mentioned crypto pump and dump groups don’t have many followers, we believe they need a spotlight! Make sure to follow them early so you don’t miss the chance to make extra money in the future.

1. Pump & Dump Community

1. Cryptopiapumptitans

2. Platinumpump


4. FairCryptopumpers

5. Ccryptopia_pumps_vip

6. CryptoWhaleUnique


But if you are fond of Discord and would prefer using their pump and dump crypto groups instead, we took care of that as well. See the attached list with the best & biggest servers on Discord.