How to Purchase Bitcoin Cash in 1 minute [with Card, Cash and all the rest]

In this article, you will learn how to purchase Bitcoin Cash with Card, PayPal, and Cash.

This guide shows how to buy BCH (that’s how blockchain peeps call Bitcoin Cash ;)) with your Credit Card within 1 minute.

That, of course, if you are like SUPER FAST.

We did it – Can you do it as well?

Let’s dig in!

Why Purchase Bitcoin Cash

First things first – why would you consider this!!

You may have heard about the hottest investment right now. That’s right, Bitcoin is spreading like fire while more and more people are trying to acquire some. While choosing to buy Bitcoin is a great investment choice, we believe that buying Bitcoin Cash may be even better in the long term.

Why do we favor Bitcoin Cash? Bitcoin Cash initially split from Bitcoin with the idea to solve many scaling issues that the original version of Bitcoin had. It has also made sure that transactions are faster and fees are lower, allowing the cryptocurrency to easily become “digital cash”

Bitcoin cash currently floats around ~$840, after having reached its all-time high earlier this year ($2799). Being so undervalued and considering the possibilities of this cryptocurrency in the future, it is expected to increase in value in the short-term future.

How to Purchase Bitcoin Cash

In this guide we will help you purchase Bitcoin Cash in a fast and easy way. For this example, we will use our preferred exchange, Paybis.

Paybis is a cryptocurrency exchange that is safe to use and perfect for people who are not very technical.

Moreover, it has the highest rating on Trustpilot of any other Crypto Exchanges – 9.2 out of 10

In 6 easy steps, we will show you how to buy Bitcoin Cash fast and efficient.

Step 1: Let’s start with Signing up. You can sign up using your Google+ account or even your personal Facebook.

After Signup, you will have to go through a quick KYC process to verify your identity and get started. To do this, click on the Verification & Limits button.

Afterward, click on Verification of Tier Level 2 and complete the process.

how to buy BCH

Step 2: After signing up on Paybis, select your payment method on the left column. For this example, we are using a credit card purchase, since this is the most common and preferred method of purchase.Buy Bitcoin Cash

Step 3: Since you will be buying Bitcoin Cash, select the cryptocurrency from the right list.

Own Bitcoin Cash

Step 4: On the left tab insert the amount of money you want to spend on your Bitcoin Cash purchase.

Paybis Crypto

Step 5: On the right tab you will see the total amount of Bitcoin Cash you are going to receive.

How to Buy Bitcoin Cash Using Paypal

Step 6: Click on the “Start Transaction” to initiate the purchase of Bitcoin Cash.

How to buy Bitcoin Cash using cash

Congratulations! In just under 1 minute you have completed the transaction and you are now the proud owner of some Bitcoin Cash.

How to purchase Bitcoin Cash using Paypal

There is no direct way to buy Bitcoin Cash with PayPal. You will first have to buy Bitcoin with PayPal which is also quite an extensive process. Then, once you buy Bitcoin you will have to exchange them for Bitcoin Cash.

To do this sign up at Localbitcoins and go to the Buy page on the top of the page. In the payment method, select Paypal and then press on search. It should look similar to this:

Find bitcoin offers.png

  1. Head over to buy bitcoins section
  2. Select your region
  3. Insert amount
  4. And hit search
  5. Within seconds you will be able to find all the offers for people that are willing to sell bitcoin for cash

After you have found a potential candidate, you will be able to buy BTC with Paypal. It usually takes 90 minutes for a transaction to be completed. After you have received your Bitcoin you can exchange your coins to Litecoin using a service such as Changelly or Shapeshift, both of which are free to use and very easy to understand.

How to purchase Bitcoin Cash using cash

There is no good way to buy Bitcoin Cash using your cash. LocalBitcoins, once again, is the most popular way to purchase Bitcoins with cash, but it does not have Bitcoin Cash support. So you will have to first buy bitcoins with cash and then exchange them for BCH using the method described above.

Bitcoin Cash with PayPal

The same goes for Bitcoin ATMs. Most do not support Bitcoin Cash. So if you want to purchase Bitcoin Cash, first you will have to buy bitcoins and then trade the BTC for Bitcoin Cash. Feel free to use services such as Shapeshift or Changelly and the transaction from BTC to BCH will be near instant.

How to store Bitcoin Cash

After you purchase your Bitcoin Cash, it is highly recommended to transfer your cryptocurrency to an external wallet, to which only you will have access too. We recommend either creating a paper wallet or purchasing a cold storage wallet such as Trezor.

We will cover the topic of external wallet in more detail in a future article.

Keeping your funds on an exchange increases the risk of your funds getting stolen or altered through hacking attempts and digital attacks. While exchanges currently do their best to increase their protection measures there are many cases where these sort of attacks happen.

Bitcoin Cash predictions

There has been a lot of speculation going on with regards to price predictions of Bitcoin Cash.

Lombardi Financial research analyst and Profit Credential author Patrick Brik recently published an article in which he shared his thoughts on the future of Bitcoin Cash.

In his piece, Brik claimed that Bitcoin Cash will be trading at around $7000 within 2018 and will have the potential to go even higher.

The creator of Bitcoin Cash, Roger Ver, says that the currency will continue its growth within 2018, and Bitcoin Cash will double its price in the coming months due to simplicity and convenience of use.

Former financial analyst John Young also made a prediction on Bitcoin Cash.

Young utilizes what he calls a “Monte Carlo simulation using the geometric Brownian motion model.”

The method involves accumulating daily prices, calculating daily returns, and creating simulations for the coming year, several times over.

According to him, the median price of Bitcoin Cash within 2018 will be $2899 with the potential to reach up to $94255.

While the later seems to be a stretch, the cryptocurrency world has proven us time and again the extraordinary things can actually happen.

2018, after all, has been hard on investors making them focus more on the technology than the profits. This, in turn, has created a more intelligent and knowledgeable investor who will rather invest in projects with real-world implementations.

Bitcoin Cash definitely ticks all the boxes when it comes to the above and, therefore, we do believe that we will see an increase in value in the next coming months.

We hope you found this article useful and, as always, remember that we are not financial advisors and this article only expresses personal opinions.

Wrapping Up

So there are 3 options:

–> You can purchase bitcoin cash via Paybis and within 1 minute and it will be in your wallet

–> Buy Bitcoin with PayPal or Cash and then exchange it to BCH – this, of course, is more time consuming

Feel free to choose whichever option suits you better.

And if you need help with anything – feel free to leave your questions in the comment section down below.