Best Facebook Crypto Groups [Top 23 MUST JOIN Groups]

Some would say why do you need to join Facebook Crypto groups?

Well, it’s simple.

You can learn something new from the best blockchain professionals, meet new people, and get some useful contacts.

The blockchain Facebook groups host all the relevant blockchain wisdom on the web – often you can find which coin will go up or down, which ICOs to invest, and learn new things about the most recent developments in blockchain.

So, yeah, it’s a must to follow the best crypto Facebook groups.

And as a lot of our readers asked us to gather in one list the best Facebook Crypto groups – we did exactly that.

So, here you go – here is a list of MUST JOIN blockchain groups on Facebook.

The Best Facebook Crypto Groups

 1. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

facebook crypto groups

This group has more than 443K members, who are not only beginners but professionals and experts that can help you with any question you have.

There are very strict rules, so before joining please read them to avoid getting banned afterward.

2. Cryptocurrency Collectors Club for Beginners

crypto group

This group is mostly for beginners that are just starting out. Admins and other members are professionals in coins and they will help every beginner with any question you have. It has more than 87K members.

3. SCM – Suppoman’s Crypto Masterminds


This group is created and managed by one of the most popular crypto youtubers – Suppoman. He has more than 29K members starting from beginners to experts in cryptos.

You can learn a lot from Suppoman because he knows what he is talking about.

4. The Crypt0’s News Group


This group is based on the biggest and most relevant news around cryptocurrency and blockchain.

It has more than 94K members and most of them are experts in crypto.

5. Crypto Warriors

crypto warriors

Another one for beginners where you will find great connections that will help you make the best decisions about crypto investing. It has more than 40K members. You can be the next one!

6. Bitcoin & Crypto (Blockchain Technology)

Bitcoin & Crypto (Blockchain Technology)

A great community for crypto enthusiasts to ask questions, give advice to beginners and see most relevant news about blockchain industry with more than 178K members on board.

7. That Crypto Hustle: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News + Investing

That Crypto Hustle: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News + Investing

Name of the group says everything. Crypto and investing hustlers. No jokes around here. Only 990 members on board, but all of them are experienced and will help you with very good advice and this is one of the best and most useful facebook crypto groups out there.

8. Captain Altcoin – Cryptocurrency Comunity

Captain Altcoin - Cryptocurrency Comunity

This is a group of crypto traders, investors, enthusiasts and crypto maniacs. Very strict rules, so if you don’t want to get banned, read them and keep them in mind.

9. Bitcoin USA

bitcoin usa

Another big group with more than 160K members. Most of them are from USA and Canada, but you can still find members from all over the world. Perfect for beginners

10. Bitcoin Earnings Online

Bitcoin Earnings Online

A group with more than 35K members from all over the world, but sorry scammers, you are not allowed there. If you post something unreal like – EARN FREE 0.5 BTC DAILY then you will probably get banned.

11. Blockchain Development

blockchain development

Group is based on sharing information and pooling resources to maximize the blockchain experience and development. People are sharing many programs and resources to help other members achieve their blockchain goals.

12.Cryptocurrency for Beginners – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins

crypto for beginners

This group is for everyone who’s trying to get started in the cryptocurrency space. Generally speaking, as good as any discussion or question is welcome as long as it is following our guidelines

13. Crypto Investing 

cryptocurrency investor

You can find information and talk about only crypto investing. Nothing else. You will get banned if you start talking about something else related to the blockchain. Again, very strict rules here. More than 60K members

14. Cryptocurrency Investing

crypto investing

Another popular investing group It is created for intelligent discussion on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency investments. The intention of this group is to be a community forum where traders and holders can come for reliable information and updates on new and existing projects.

15. Bitcoin News –

bitcoin news

This is not a Facebook crypto group but it is a great news page on Facebook. They are posting very useful information un you can find more news on their website.

16. CryptoHunt Community


Curious about investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and cryptocurrency? Already invested and want to discuss with others? This is a group for sharing & exchanging information, predictions, market insights & analysis, and useful tips & strategies for the cryptocurrency market.

17. Crypto Coin Trader

crypto coin trader

A group for everyone who trades coins. It has more than 100K members on board from all over the world. There are many beginners. However, if you ask something then some of the biggest experts will answer your question as the community is a very active.

18. ICO Profits

ICO profits

You can get some interesting news and deals that are related to ICO’s. There are just a little more than 3K members but all are experienced and are active investors in ICO’s.

19. ICO – Initial Coin Offering


Another one where you can talk and discuss ICO projects. Group has 21K members and all of them are active and are interested only in ICO investments. No spam allowed.

20. ICO Investors Club

ico investors club

The small group of only 3.7K members but very serious investors that are experienced in ICO investing and are communicating and sharing their knowledge with others.

21. Bitcoin Investment

Bitcoin INvestment

The group for those people who are interested only in investing in BTC and no other crypto. Read the latest news and learn from the experts.

22. Crypto Community

crypto community

The community where you can talk and learn about everything related to crypto and blockchain technology.

23. Bitcoin


Probably the biggest Bitcoin community from all the facebook crypto groups, with more than 200k members on board. Not sure if all of them are active but if there are so many people on this group then probably this group is very useful.

Summing Up

Of course, there are a lot more Facebook crypto groups that you can join, but most of them are full of spam and won’t be that useful to you.

In this list, we did the hard work and listed only the best of the best to help you learn and, if necessary, get great advice.

If you like our facebook crypto groups list, please share it with your friends and don’t forget to check out our other articles here

Good luck with your blockchain journey!