Transfer WMZ to Yandex Money

Exchange Spend Receive Volume Go to Exchange
MonEx 1 WMZ 77.85056 YAMRUB 373744.07 Open
RocketChange 1 WMZ 77.85055 YAMRUB 916045.33 Open
NetExchange 1 WMZ 77.8505 YAMRUB 236364.4 Open
FlyChange 1 WMZ 77.85 YAMRUB 945103.96 Open
5Минут 1 WMZ 77.2545 YAMRUB 5972.96 Open
Obmen4you 1 WMZ 77.0002 YAMRUB 142539.25 Open
WmBox 1 WMZ 77 YAMRUB 34532.26 Open
VIP-Money 1 WMZ 76.9502 YAMRUB 3856594.7
WmMoney 1 WMZ 76.9501 YAMRUB 74142 Open
Обменка 1 WMZ 76.95 YAMRUB 1262841.65 Open
Babasiki 1 WMZ 76.9499 YAMRUB 2184641.45 Open
ExchangeMoscow 1 WMZ 76.9498 YAMRUB 2674947.44
Капуста 1 WMZ 76.935 YAMRUB 5000.71
XBit 1 WMZ 76.93461394 YAMRUB 813553.24 Open
ElectronExchange 1 WMZ 76.93461308 YAMRUB 1983299.39 Open
iChanger 1 WMZ 76.22244 YAMRUB 246242 Open
Обменник-UZ 1 WMZ 75.5695098 YAMRUB 52709.5
Обменник.ua 1 WMZ 75.1209 YAMRUB 30000 Open
VIPchanger 1 WMZ 75.0001 YAMRUB 1815152.43 Open
RealExchange 1 WMZ 75 YAMRUB 2062090.96 Open
Обменник.ws 1 WMZ 75 YAMRUB 95465.94 Open
MegaChange 1 WMZ 75 YAMRUB 20656.04 Open
WmPayCash 1 WMZ 74.9506 YAMRUB 810774 Open
WM-Obmen 1 WMZ 74.879025 YAMRUB 524246.7
WMT 1 WMZ 74.7839 YAMRUB 14324.25
Vmex 1 WMZ 74.373 YAMRUB 688601.59 Open
ExchangeExpress 1 WMZ 73.259881 YAMRUB 69642.17 Open
BazarMoney 1 WMZ 73.23 YAMRUB 223999.37 Open
ChangeTime 1 WMZ 64.334984 YAMRUB 29403 Open
FastWM 1 WMZ 55 YAMRUB 842733.44 Open
Obmenneg 1 WMZ 50.7 YAMRUB 115877.57 Open

The list above shows exchangers sorted by the rate of exchanging WMZ to Yandex Money. The exchanger with the best rates is at the top of the list, exchangers with worse rates are listed below it. Choose the exchanger with the rate you need and click it to go to the site and exchange the money.

How safe is Yandex Money?

Yandex Money is a safe, convenient online money transfer service. Industry standard protection is provided by Yandex Money to its customers. It is a joint venture of Russia`s largest bank so is extremely safe and reliable to make transactions with Yandex Money.

How to buy cryptocurrency with Yandex Money?

To use Yandex money for purchasing Cryptos, railsonwave.it is the best option. There will be a list of exchangers sorted by the price of exchanging Yandex Money to any Crypto you want to purchase. The exchanger with the best rates are arranged from descending to ascending with the best rates being on top of the list. Choose the exchanger with the rate you find comfortable with and click on it to go to the website and exchange the money.

How can I withdraw money from Yandex Money?

To withdraw cash from Yandex Money, you can use Western Union. You also can transfer your money to your debit card issued by your bank in any country except a few. You cannot use this option if your bank belongs to the USA, Iran, Iraq & Columbia. You can also order Yandex Money bank debit card and can withdraw your money in any ATM that supports MasterCard.

What are the transfer fees for Yandex Money?

Transfer fees for Yandex Money made from Yandex Money Wallets are charged with the 1.5% fee per transaction. And for those who don`t have the Yandex Money Wallet, the fee is about 1.95% per transaction.

Is it legal to buy cryptocurrency with Yandex Money?

Yandex Money is one of the most convenient ways to buy Cryptos. Yes, it is completely legal and exchanges like Railsonwave.it provide full-time services for you to buy Cryptos legally. The transactions you do using Yandex Money are secured and are done almost instantaneously.