The 5 Easiest Coins To Mine: A Guide To Get You Started

We talked about mining Bitcoin from your pc, but surely, this isn’t the only and definitely not the easiest coin to mine. At least, without losing an arm and a leg, by investing in fancy hardware ASICs and powerful machinery. So in this article I wanted to discuss the easiest coins to mine, ones that would perhaps be great for beginners and easy enough to get started with, at least.

Whilst the ‘easiest coins to mine’’ might sound just picking the most common coin options and mining them, there really are more factors you should be looking at, when choosing the right ones.

Things like the difficulty to mine can be determined by researching the right places – it will also show you which coins are better to mine for you, depending on the mining hardware you use (GPU vs ASIC). Your research should also show you the most profitable coin to mine, based on the block rewards.

Then there is also the recognition of the coin, which basically tells you how big your competition is and what are the chances of you successfully mining with a profit too.

Bet you have heard of mining from your phone. And guess what – you’ve heard right! Before we jump into the list, I have to give props to how fast this industry has developed really.

Electroneum is probably on of the easiest coins to mine, however I haven’t directly included this in my TOP 5, just because, well, there is no other coin easier to mine than this. The team behind Electroneum, who formerly worked for Monero, don’t shy away from their ambitions. Intended to become the most decentralized cryptocurrency in the near future, you just so much as need a smartphone and a good connection to mine.

So the reality is – ETN is probably THE easiest coin to mine, because all you need to do is download the application on your phone, register and start mining. Safe to say, it doesn’t quite have any competition as of now.

But lets not get too far ahead and say you do want to use your PC and have invested in a GPU to mine. Here would be some of the easiest coins to mine for you:


Easiest coins to mine - Monero

If mining is something that has been on your mind, you have most likely also heard of this particular coin. Monero is one of the top privacy coins out there. The reason we placed it at numero uno in this list, is because it is the most profitable to mine, without needing a fancy ASICs hardware. You can use your PC and still reach a good profit over time.

In order to mine Monero, you will have to first make sure you have the mining software, which supports Monero. Then, also make sure you have the wallet to match – Monero GUI client.


Easiest coins to mine - Dogecoin

This coin initially started out as a joke, its fan base and current marketcap definitely isn’t one though.

This definitely is one of the easiest coins to mine, as it can be done from just your CPU. Investing in additional graphic cards is always advisable, however not necessary. 

You will need to get yourself a Dodgecoin Core Wallet, to store your coins, albeit the software you need can be any general CPU mining software. It also doesn’t eat up lots of energy, so it can mine in the background of whatever else you are doing. Easy enough, right?


Easiest coins to mine - Bytecoin

As easy as the other two previous coins, Bytecoin proves to be simple to mine too. However, the returns might not be what you expected initially, therefore solo mining might not be the answer when it comes to Bytecoin.

Joining a mining pool would be the best option here. Join in and have a happy mining!


Easiest coins to mine - Vertcoin

An easy and convenient coin to mine, since it has been specifically designed to resist ASICs mining. So for those who don’t want to overcomplicate mining, this might be a great option to start with.

You’ll need to first to join a specific miner of Vertcoin, which you can find here. Further join a mining pool, depending on your computing power and go ahead with mining Vertcoin!

ZcashEasiest coins to mine - Zcash

Yet another privacy-based cryptocurrency, Zcash is also designed to be ASIC-resistant, much like Vertcoin. It would still be profitbale to mine Zcash, even without all the fancy hardware investment, and of course, easy enough because of that.

What’s even more intriguing is that the legendary former NSA agent Edward Snowden, has got the likes for this coin and has even commented on its privacy properties being ‘unique.’ Quite the recognition, huh?

So there you have it! Mining might sound challenging at first, but it doesn’t have to be! Using your good old PC and maybe investing in an additional graphics card would be all you need to try out mining. Unless you ain’t got time for that – whip out your trusty smartphone and get on with ETN, you really don’t even have a good excuse anymore. And who knows – you might even get good at it!