Cryptocurrency Expert Of The Week: Anthony Pompliano

I received a phone call yesterday from a (not so close) friend of mine who had been lurking on my Facebook. He somehow realising I was “into” crypto and knew the ropes. He told me with a whispering voice that he had decided to put a chunk of his savings into crypto and asked me to recommend him some cryptocurrency expert.

My initial response was: Did you talk with your wife about this?

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All jokes aside, an emotional decision without careful analysis can often ruin relationships. It is therefore really important to understand that, no matter what newsletter, tweet or podcast you trust, there is always a chance that your money will lose its value; and I mean lose it completely.

Ok, now that we are aware of the uncertain environment let’s get to our topic. We have decided to host a weekly blog post to talk about some of the most trusted and knowledgable cryptocurrency experts, hoping that, just like my buddy, you learn how to swim before you jump in deep waters.

This week, I will talk about my favourite expert, and and ultra-incredible resource to stay up to date with crypto in general.

Cryptocurrency expert: Anthony Pompliano

cryptocurrency expert: Anthony Pompliano

Anthony is the definition of a cryptocurrency expert. His Twitter is one of the most followed accounts for crypto traders, Bitcoin enthusiasts as well as business information in general.

If you have a Twitter account to observe traders and Bitcoin maximalists, it is almost certain you have come across “Pomp”, a smiley man with a hurricane next to his name.

And, usually, all of his posts are hits!

He also has a growing number of successful articles on Medium and other blogs, all which relate to cryptocurrency, written in an analytic and carefully thought out manner.

But that is not the reason he is on the top of my list. Even though I knew “Pomp” from Twitter and enjoyed his content, my respect for  him grew even further when I discovered his podcast: OFF THE CHAIN.

cryptocurrency expert: Anthony's podcast

In these long form conversations, Pompliano talks to some of the most respected cryptocurrency experts and Wall Street hustlers to get insight into the thought patterns and strategies of intelligent investors when it comes to the world of cryptocurrency.

Now, whenever a friend asks me what Bitcoin is, how to invest the right way or simply advice on the current market situation I always make sure to refer them to Anthony’s Podcast to get an easy to understand and incredibly comprehensive overview.

But how did Anthony Pompliano develop these communication skills, as well as his investing knowledge and business experience leading him to become a cryptocurrency expert? Let’s take a quick look at his Bio.

Anthony Pompliano spent seven years in the army, three of which were in the intelligence division. After completing his military service, Anthony did a course in economics and sociology. According to him, economics offered him a deeper look into the macro aspects of the world and Sociology helped him analyse and understand societies and people.

As a result of his newly acquired knowledge he found two companies, which, in a short timeframe, were acquired and sold.

With proof of success and a strong track record, Anthony joined the product team of Facebook where he worked for two years, before joining the growth team of Snapchat.

After spending some time with these Social media giants, working on pressing issues with stealth-like focus and discipline, accompanied with some of the smartest people in the industry, Pompliano became a managing partner at Full Tilt Capital.

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And it did fit the story.

Anthony’s passion to create businesses translated into Full Tilt Capital, a venture capital firm which helps early stage startups with investments  up to $100,000 each.

According to Anthony, investments of Full Tilt take a 48-hour consideration time before a decision is made and he prefers to invest in companies he is not an expert on. This is a good way to further improve his knowledge and learn more about the industry he choses to support financially.

We would strongly recommend you to sign up to Anthony Pompliano’s premium newsletter for advanced information, as well as listen to his podcast next time you have a commute to make or find some free time.

Especially for people who want to stay informed on the developments of the cryptocurrency world with reliable and factual information, the gems you can get out of his conversations are going to help you in your journey to (hopefully) riches!