21 Crypto Youtubers we worked with – The Best and The Worst

Many folks now-a-days claim to be crypto investors, ICO and blockchain experts, crypto YouTubers, and so on. But are they? Are they really experts as they claim to be?

Just about anyone, even someone who buys some cryptocurrency for as little as $10 seems to consider themself an expert. These people ruin the whole industry by offering their services to new crypto projects, by helping ICO’s as advisors while asking for an insane sum of money and end up delivering (next to) nothing.

The same with crypto YouTubers. There are thousands of YouTubers who call themselves crypto investors and blockchain experts, while they have just seen the tip of the ice berg.

Most of them have boost their subscribers, view count, and likes with using unfair practices.

If you are an ICO that’s looking to get a good influencer then you are in the right place. This list will help you save your precious time and money so that you may spend it on people who can make a real difference in your project.

The Best Crypto YouTubers

1. The Crypto Lark

He is one of those people who does not call himself a crypto or blockchain expert, rather a crypto enthusiast. In reality, Lark is indeed an expert in this field.  He makes many interesting videos about what is happening in blockchain world and is one of the best crypto YouTubers.

He has more than 74,000 subscribers and a very active community with 1,369 Telegram members that are discussing cryptos every day.

the crypto lark


On his channel, he talks about new promising ICO’s that has great business potential and more. He makes great news videos about most popular cryptocurrencies and just about anything. If you are a newbie in blockchain world then watch some of his videos and you will understand everything you need to know about crypto.


  • A lot of subscribers
  • Good engagement, a lot of video views, likes and qualitative comments
  • Very informative and useful information in his videos
  • Great, active and helpful Telegram Comunity


  • If you want a review for your ICO then you will have to spend couple thousand dollars to get him to review it
  • Quite difficult to contact him


2. Crush Crypto

Victoria Wong is a co-founder of Crush Crypto. It is an independent research group focused on blockchain technology and digital currencies with the goal of providing high-quality fundamental analysis in crypto investing.

Her YouTube channel has 29k subscribers and has her own website that goes by the same name same as the YouTube channel – CrushCrypto


  • Provides useful review about ICO’s
  • Has a lot of subscribers
  • Has ICO guides to help you invest your money the right way


  • Impossible to contact as no one is answering emails, LinkedIn, or Twitter.
  • Even if you manage to contact them you cannot pay your way to their video reviews. They’ll discuss your ICO only if it’s interesting enough to them.

3. Young And Investing

Young and Investing YouTube channel is managed by a young guy from Belgium. He as 57k subscribers and active ICO investors.

young and investing

He not only makes ICO video reviews but, educational and news videos about everything related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. Along with his YouTube channel, he also manages a Twitter account with 4.8k followers and a Facebook page with over 2k page likes.


  • A lot of subscribers
  • Has great engagement – comments, likes, shares, views
  • Useful content for beginners


  • Video review is expensive
  • If your project is not interesting to him, he won’t review it

4. Ian Balina

Ian Balina is an influential Blockchain and Cryptocurrency investor, advisor, and evangelist and probably the most popular out of all the crypto youtubers out there. He has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Huffington Post, The Street, INC and Entrepreneur Magazine for his work in analytics, cryptocurrencies, and entrepreneurship.

Ian Balina

He has more than 120k subscribers on YouTube and is one of the most popular influencers and most experienced blockchain investors so far. This guy is definitely a crypto and blockchain expert.


  • A lot of subscribers
  • Best at what he does
  • People listen to him, if you can get him to review your ICO then you can be sure that you will reach your hard cap
  • Posts useful information for beginners


  • Nearly impossible to get in touch with him

5. Suppoman

This guy calls himself a “Superhero Cryptocurrency Expert”. I am sure know about his Caped Crusader claims, but I am indeed sure that he knows a lot about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. If you want to learn about cryptocurrencies, ICOs in a fun and entertaining way, then this guy is for you!


If you can get him to review your ICO then you will sell out in no time.


  • High-quality videos that have great engagement
  • Gives useful info about crypto, and ICO
  • Offers courses on Udemy
  • Gives advice that people listen


  • Reivews ICOs very rarely
  • Very difficult to get in touch with him

6. The Modern Investor

The Modern Investor is another crypto and blockchain guru that understands everything about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. On average produces two videos a day and covers all the aspects of the crypto-sphere.

the modern investor

This is the guy if you want to know everything about the crypto and everything that evolves around it.


  • Certainly knows what he is talking about
  • Useful videos – makes at least 2 a day
  • Great engagement from active subscribers


  • Does not review ICOs

7. DataDash

DataDash is a one-stop shop for everything related to cryptocurrencies, data analytics & science, and spotting global trends through cutting-edge analysis. Channel is run by a one Nick Merton.



  • Easy to contact him
  • Impressive engagement
  • Active subscribers
  • A lot of subscribers – 302k


  • Very expensive

8. Crypt0

This guy is one of the first ones to create a channel on YouTube about the crypto world. If you haven’t heard of him then you are likely a newbie to the cryptocurrency world.


He does not take money for ICO review. If he likes your project he will review it and almost certainly you will reach your hard cap.


  • 110k subscribers
  • A lot of active subscribers
  • Good engagement


  • You cannot pay to get your ICO reviewed
  • Rarely reviews ICOs

9. Ivan on Tech

His full name is Ivan Liljeqvist and he is a software developer from Sweden. He has been active in blockchain world for many years now. This guy really knows what he’s talking about.

Ivan on tech

He also speaks at blockchain events and conferences.


  • 175k subscribers
  • Good Engagement
  • Active users
  • Experienced speaker at events


  • Doesn’t review ICOs (publicly)
  • Hard to get in touch with him

10. Crypto Tips

How many women have you seen making review, news and ICO videos? Not a lot, right? She is one of those women who are into crypto full time. Makes a variety of videos about everything that is about blockchain and crypto.

Crypto Tips



  • Good engagement
  • Active subscribers


  • Hard to get in touch
  • Expensive to get ICO reviewed

11. Coincast TV 

crypto influencers

Coincast TV is a fast-paced weekly news program focused on the businesses behind blockchain.
Coincast TV airs every Friday on Sky News Business at 7.30pm (AEST).
  • Produced by former business journalists from Sky News and Bloomberg, the show explores how cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is changing our world.
  • Developed by Coincast Media, Coincast TV is the first blockchain focused news program to be broadcast on mainstream television, and syndicated across the globe through The Wall Street Journal and Apple TV.
  • Engagement could be better but it’s Ok compared to others.

And Now The Worst of Crypto Youtubers

Not everyone is who they say they are. Some are simply after the money you can make in the crypto world and hence, abuse the system by demanding insanely high prices and deliver nothing.

We have worked with all of these crypto YouTubers and the results were just awful. None of them were able to bring to the table what they promised.

So here are the worst YouTubers and the biggest scammers in blockchain world.

1. Crypto DDFX Scam Review

Some ICO expert he claimed to be. He has 43k subscribers (God knows how), who have no engagement with his videos. He most likely bought subscribers to fake authority.

crypto scamers

He has blocked comments on all of his ICO videos. Our guess, all the views and likes are fake and were bought probably on Fiverr.


  • Just no
  • And no


  • Fake subscriber count
  • Fake views
  • Fake likes
  • Disables commenting videos
  • It is a gaming channel, not for ICO

2. Jakubik Scam Review

Yet another guy from Poland with a gaming channel. But, he thinks that he is an ICO expert. He has very bad ICO reviews and doesn’t even talk about other things that are related to crypto and/or blockchain.


He knows nothing about ICOs and cryptocurrencies. So best stay away from him.


  • No pros


  • Low subscriber count
  • Fake views
  • Fake likes
  • Zero engagement from videos
  • Probably fake subscribers too

3. Amok! Scam Review

Is it just us, or are all the biggest from Poland? This one would just top any scam league and probably is one of the biggest scammers among crypto YouTubers. Has 159k subscribers that probably are bots.


When he makes a review and posts it on his channel, the numbers jump from 5 views to about 10k views and hundreds of likes in just 10 minutes or so. Funny thing is, he has disabled comments (like he’s gonna get insightful comments from bot, right?).


  • If you are a gamer then probably this channel would be useful to you


  • Fake subscribers
  • Fake Likes
  • Fake views
  • Disable comments
  • Zero Engagement

4. Martins Hacks Scam Review

This guy lives in Ireland but is clearly not Irish. He makes videos about cars, tech, programming and a lot of other things. And of course about ICOs too. But he has very bad reviews.

Martins Hacks

Don’t be naive and don’t pay him for reviewing your ICO.


  • Knows a thing or two about crypto


  • Unprofessional ICO reviews
  • Low engagement
  • Probably fake comments
  • Does not use referral links

5. Hippy Duzz Scam Review

Before he changed his channel name he was CryptoHippie. Another one of those who ask a lot of money + tokens for an ICO review and deliver nothing.

Hippy Duzz

At least he has real subscribers (kudos to that?), not fake ones.


  • Real subscribers


  • Unprofessional reviews
  • Doesn’t really know what he’s talking about
  • Very careless with what he says
  • Nearly no engagement from videos
  • Low subscribers count

6. Professor Crypto Scam Review

This guy talks about nothing but ICOs. His channel is full of ICO reviews. That suggests that he doesnt’ really know much about crypto or blockchain but just takes money for post ICO reviews.

Professor Crypto

And it’s possible that his subscribers are not real too.


  • Easy to reach him


  • Low engagement
  • Videos have more than 5k views but no likes
  • Probably fake subscribers

7. Crypto Dog Scam Review

Another one with seemingly boosted channel subscribers. A month old video has just 75 views and no likes or comments. With 4.7k real subscribers it is impossible to have that low views and engagement.

Crypto Dog


  • No pros


  • Fake subscribers
  • No views
  • No likes
  • No comments
  • No engagement

8. The Cryptoniac Scam Review

All the fake crypto YouTubers are the same – they ask crazy amount of money and have zero engagement. This guy is no different. He has 11k subscribers but only about one thousand are active and real.


  • Does not talk only about ICOs, but know something about blockchain and cryptocurrencies too


  • Has a lot of fake subscribers
  • Very low engagement from videos

9. Crypto Zaba Scam Review

Oh wow, what a surprise! Another guy from Poland has made it into the list of worst crypto YouTubers. You see the pattern here, don’t you old sport? Nothing new, he is no different from other polish scammers. Another gamer who thinks he is a crypto expert.

crypto zaba


  • No pros


  • Fake subscribers
  • Fake views
  • Fake Likes
  • No engagement
  • Disabled comments

10. CryptosRus Scam Review

Ok, you would wonder why I added this one to the worst list, not the good one. And the reason is – he asks too much money. His price range is based on how much ICOs make not by how big engagement he could give to you. And gets very rude if you do not pay the amount he asks.

But all-in-all, he knows a thing or two about cryptocurrencies but, doesn’t know anything about how much his reviews are worth.


  • Knows a thing or two about cryptocurrencies


  • Asks crazy amount of money
  • Impossible to bargain
  • Very rude if you do not want to pay his desired amount

Wraping up on the best and the worst Crypto Influencers

So here they all are. I only recommend using those 10 crypto youtubers that have made into the good channel list. For those who have already used someone from my worst crypto youtubers list – well, do your research better next time.

If you know someone who should be on the best youtubers list or on the worst youtubers list – message us.

Want to find the best ICO’s to invest in? Then check out this list.