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Crypto News Reports The Founder Of Centra Made Confession About $25 Million Fraud

Theone of the crypto startup Centra Tech`s creators, Robert Farkas, confessed they came up with a fraudulent scheme worth $25 million.
Intrusive advertisement
This startup was famous due to a loud marketing campaign in 2017. The world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and popular producer DJ Khaled took active participation in promoting the startup.

How the proceedings started
The founders of the crypto project Centra Tech were charged with cheating their investors years ago. SEC blamed them in the dissemination of false information concerning their partners: as the founders stated, they made deal with Visa and Mastercard. Centra management also informed their investors, they provided licenses that enable them to transfer funds in 38 states.
What did they promise?
The startup founders promised to issue a debit card for the users to pay in any store where Visa or Mastercard available. Mayweather made a post on his Instagram:

“I already spend bitcoins, Ethereum, and other digital currencies in Beverly Hills.”