Buy Bitcoin with Neteller – Which Websites Are The Best Options?

Neteller is an e-money transfer service, similar to the almighty Paypal, used to transfer money between individuals as well as businesses. It can withdraw funds directly using the Net+ card which is why this service is often preferred over Paypal.  But how can you buy Bitcoin with Neteller?

There is not much information out there since most people will either use their Debit/Credit card or simply buy bitcoin with Paypal.

But what about you, Neteller fanboi?

Fear not. This article will help you find the best places to purchase Bitcoin using your Neteller account in a safe and easy manner.


Buy Bitcoin with Neteller on Bitpanda - logo

Bitpanda is a popular and reliable Bitcoin exchange based in Austria. If you are a European citizen, it is very easy to buy Bitcoin with Neteller using this exchange.

One drawback of Bitpanda is that fees will not be displayed publicly, instead you will be shown a buy price at the completion of your transaction which include the fees charged when purchasing with Neteller.

A second drawback, which unfortunately many exchanges have, is the timing factor. Bitpanda requires you to sign up and verify your account before completing any transactions, which for many may not be ideal and certainly not fun. This is why the next two options may be better suited for you.


Buy Bitcoin with Neteller - Paybis logo

We have talked about Paybis before. If you wanna purchase Bitcoin fast and easy, this is the option we recommend and use ourselves. Paybis does not require you to sign up or verify your account for purchases and, is therefore the quickest method to buy Bitcoin with Neteller. Here is how:

1) After visiting Paybis, select Neteller from the column on the left.

Buy Bitcoin with Neteller on Paybis - photo of step 1

2) Input the preferred amount of USD or any other currency and press on Start transaction.

Buy Bitcoin with Neteller on Paybis - photo of step 2

3) After you confirm your Facebook account, which only takes one click, you will be redirected to the transaction page, where you need to input your Bitcoin wallet address.

Buy Bitcoin with Neteller on Paybis - photo of step 3

4) Complete your payment and be the proud owner of some Bitcoin. Congratulations, it took less than a minute.


Buy Bitcoin with Neteller on Localbitcoins - logo

LocalBitcoins is also a very popular website to buy Bitcoin with Neteller. Any payment provider is accepted there really. The Finnish company does its best to offer relatively private transaction opportunities by allowing transactions to be completed without ID verification (At the time of this writing).

This has, of course caused some controversy, mostly for US customers that have been tracked down for large scale transactions and questioned for the transaction’s purpose. Therefore, make sure you still claim all transactions to your annual tax form.

When selecting a seller to buy Bitcoin from, use caution; check each seller’s profile to verify a history of successful trades. Also, because Neteller is not often used for Bitcoin purchases, make sure you get a good deal (up to 4% above the average price). Many individuals will try to sell their Bitcoin for up to 30% above the average price, which is not a smart idea for the buyer.


Buy Bitcoin with Neteller on Coincorner - logo

With its great customer support as well as the fact it is a trustworthy and completely legal UK business, we could not leave Coincorner out of this list.

CoinCorner recently added support for more payment providers. This company lets you buy Bitcoin using Neteller without giving up your credit card details or further personal information that could expose you.

We encourage you to check out their website and decide for yourself, since Coincorner is still, relativelly, unpopular to the mainstream cryptocurrency investor.


Buy Bitcoin with Neteller - Spectrocoin logo

SpectroCoin, one of the leading cryptocurrency friendly banks, offers many ways to purchase bitcoin, including Neteller. Buying Bitcoin with Neteller can be performed in EUR and/or USD currencies and is processed without disclosing debit or credit card details.

Thanks to this added layer of privacy, many Spectrocoin members have started to give some thought to the usage of Neteller as a payment alternative to purchase Bitcoin.

Keep in mind, however, that Neteller does have a different fee structure. There is a 5.00% deposit fee and the maximum deposit limit is 5000 Euros ($5800).

Not bad limits if you ask me, but for the wealthy ones out there, it might cause some irritation.

Once you purchase your Bitcoin with Neteller, just like Paybis, you will have to provide Spectrocoin an external Bitcoin wallet to receive your Bitcoin. The fees for this transaction can be configured by yourself, much like Ethereum transactions, which helps if your budget is tighter than your time.

All in all, Neteller is a great alternative to purchase Bitcoin, especially because oftentimes you will not be asked to share any credit or debit card details. Of course, each and every method has its pros and cons and, while Neteller is not as popular as other online wallets (*cough*PayPal*cough*), it is still is a good way to get into crypto.