The 20 Best Smart Contract Developers [sorted by price, quality, and experience]

Wherever you look in the marketplace, it’s impossible to not notice the buzz and excitement surrounding blockchain projects – thanks to smart contract developers.

Based on the amount of innovation, development and investment in these projects (mostly through ICOs) have allowed startups to bypass the weight of the old way and raise capital quickly.

If you are looking to stay on the cutting edge of the business, then it is essential to have someone who can handle smart contract coding for you, to keep your startup nimble in the market.

Although it might seem like smart contract developers are very few in number, that is not the case. It’s not just some major Wall Street corporations that can afford smart contract developers. Since the blockchain boom started in 2017, many forward-thinking developers across the world have honed their skills and taught themselves to code in these languages like Solidity, Java, JavaScript, Ruby etc.

We’ve made this handy list of some of the best developers (both freelancers and agencies) who can help you with your smart contract project.

10 Best Solidity and Ethereum Developers


Radek Ostrowski, Australia

Radek is a certified blockchain engineer highlighted by his interest in Ethereum and smart contracts. He has extensive experience in big data and machine-learning projects, and is a three times winner in two different international IBM Apache Spark competitions as well as co-creator of PlayStation 4’s back-end.

Price: N/A

Experience: 11 years in Java and one year in Solidity and Ethereum smart contracts.

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: Solidity/Ethereum, Scala, Java, Python

Andrei Smirnov, Russia

Andrei has more than 15 years of experience from working for some of the biggest brands, including Microsoft, Motorola and Deutsche Bank. He has built a number of successful projects using various software stacks for mobile, desktop and web platforms. That includes working on the Ethereum platform.

Price: N/A

Experience: Six years in JavaScript and other Ethereum smart contracts

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: Solidity/Ethereum smart contract, XML, C#, C, JavaScript, C++, Go, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Domain-specific Languages (DSLs), QML, UML,

Justus Moeller, Germany

Justus has more than a decade of software development experience under his belt, including Ethereum smart contract development, Solidity and other blockchain development.

Price: N/A

Experience: 3-5 years in various areas and up to 15 years in mathematics.

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: Solidity/Ethereum, Python, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, Elixir, R, C++, CSS, Java

Emilio Almansi, Argentina

Emilio offers a broad skill set that includes blockchain technologies, full-stack development and distributed computing. His extensive experience with Ethereum Smart Contracts, Java and Node.js ecosystems stem from his time as an intern at Google and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics.

Price: N/A

Experience: Three years in JavaScript and other Smart contracts, five years in Java

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: Solidity/Ethereum, Java, C++, JavaScript, Python, C, Sass, HTML, Bash, Haskell, SQL, CSS, PHP.

Andras Fuchs, Hungary

Andras was one of the first Toptotal certified blockchain specialists. He has technical knowledge in Ethereum smart contracts as well as other blockchain and bitcoin technology.

Price: N/A

Experience: Five years in blockchain and Bitcoin, including Ethereum smart contracts.

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: Solidity/Ethereum, C#, HTML5, CSS3

Fabrice Triboix, United Kingdom

Fabrice has 19 years of experience as a DevOps engineer, including work for major clients like Cisco, Samsung and Philips. He has added Ethereum smart contract language to his repertoire.

Price: N/A

Experience: A total of 19 years in various areas

Quality: Medium

Programming Language Skills: Solidity/Ethereum, C++, Python

Evgeniy P., Russia

Evgeniy works on various web and desktop projects of moderate complexity. His current interest is blockchain projects, especially Ethereum.

Price: $30/hour

Experience: Various jobs including forking Ethereum for a research project, Ethereum/smart contract-based games and a smart contract demo on the Ethereum blockchain.

Quality: Medium

Programming Language Skills: Solidity/Ethereum, C, Bash, Unix

Zeppelin SolutionsUnited States

A cutting-edge firm that manages OpenZeppelin, a framework for reusable contracts for Ethereum and other EVM and eWASM blockchains.

Price: N/A

Experience: Solidity and Ethereum

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: Solidity/Ethereum and others.

ApplicatureUnited States

A blockchain development agency with a consulting arm, and top notch smart contract developers.

Price: N/A

Experience: Applicature designed with an Ethereum Proof of State to empower simple blockchain implementations.

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: Solidity/Ethereum

Solidified, Gibraltar

A well-known firm with a reputation as one of the top Smart contract development companies that deliver the best service by the Solidity experts. Also provides integrated technical support.

Price: N/A

Experience: Solidified introduces the first fully decentralized smart contract (SC) audit process and Bug Prediction Market.

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: Solidity/Ethereum

10 Best Java, JavaScript, Ruby, NodeJS or Serpent Smart Contract Developers


Debersom Tadashi Murashige, Brazil

Debersom has extensive experience using Java and has delved into smart contracts. He has more than 15 years of experience as a developer in telecoms and banking automation, and he currently develops high-performance systems for stock trading and risk management.

Price: N/A

Experience: 12 years in Java and other Smart contracts

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: Java, SQL, JavaScript, Solidity/Ethereum, TypeScript

Beto Muniz, Brazil

Beto has worked as a JavaScript developer since 2011 on a variety of projects. He also has taken innovative on projects related to cryptocurrency and finance.

Price: N/A

Experience: Seven years with JavaScript, five years in Node.js

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: JavaScript, Sass, Solidity, UML, TypeScript, Go, Swift

Philip B., United States

Philip is a freelance web developer who specializes in small/medium-sized business work. His skills include various languages vital for smart-contract development.

Price: $80/hour

Experience: Prior employment and management experience before freelancing

Quality: Medium

Programming Language Skills: CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Ruby on Rails, PHP

Andrea B., United States

Andrea is a full-stack developer with more than five years of experience in Python/Django and blockchain development in Solidity, Golang, Serpent, Mutan, LL. UpWork lists her as a rising talent.

Price: $60/hour

Experience: More than five years in Python and Django with a versatile portfolio that includes blockchain development.

Quality: Medium

Programming Language Skills: Python, Django, Scrapy, Node.js, Solidity, Serpent

Stephen Z., United States

Stephen is a top rated full-stack developer on UpWork. He specializes in designing simple solutions to complex, large scale problems.

Price: $90/hour

Experience: Has designed scalable server architecture and works in several programming languages.

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: JavaScript, Node.js, React.js

Sam W., United States

Sam is a developer with Ruby on Rails experience. He is a top rated UpWork developer.

Price: $99.99/hour

Experience: Experiece as Rubyist with Ruby on Rails.

Quality: Medium

Programming Language Skills: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Node.js, Ruby, React.js, Java

Sergio C., United States

Sergio is a top rated developer on UpWork as an engineer with a creative mind.

Price: $80/hour

Experience: Five years of experience in software development with interest in creating appealing web and mobile solutions.

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: PHP, CSS3, JavaScript


An international blockchain consulting and project development firm focused on blockchain integration in business processes and cybersecurity.

Price: N/A

Experience: Six years of working with business innovators to develop strategic plans surrounding blockchain

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: Java, NodeJS, Python, Solidity smart contracts and DApps on Ethereum, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Graphene blockchains.

Sphinx Solutions, Brazil, Malaysia, Iraq, UK & USA

An international firm that focuses on software development for smart contracts and ICO markets, and campaigns and launches.

Price: N/A

Experience: Versatile research and development firm founded in 2010

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: Solidity/Ethereum, Hyperledger and other smart contract development.

Prolitus, Ireland, USA & India

International firm that specializes in smart contracts to give users the security of blockchain technology and empowering them to securely store contract terms in a digital format.

Price: N/A

Experience: Ethereum and Hyperledger

Quality: High

Programming Language Skills: Solidity/Ethereum, Hyperledger and others.


Wrapping up

There they are – a whole bunch of smart contract developers, whether you are looking for a freelancer or a company’s services. As there are Solidity-based smart contract developers, and those working with other types of blockchain solutions, you can choose what best suits your business needs.

Hope you can use this information to take the next step for your business (such as smart contract auditing) to make sure you are forward-thinking and continue to grow.

Go on, gather your smart contract developers and conquer the blockchain industry!