26 ICO advisors you should know [the best and the worst to consult]

Investor, crypto enthusiast, or hiring blockchain experts; whoever you are, whatever you do, you could definitely use the wisdom of best ICO advisors right?

With the help of ICO advisors you can know which projects are worthy of investment, support, or collaboration. Unless you’re an expert on ICO (Initial Coin Offering) yourself, it’s advisable to consult the best ICO advisors out there.

To help you out, here’s a list of 26 ICO advisors that we’ve gathered and rated.

The ratings are from 1 to 5, where 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. It’s based on their overall skillset and the latest ICO performances.

And as a result the ratings are subject to change; meaning we will periodically update the ratings to make sure you get the latest outlook.

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Hosam Mazawi

hosam mazawi ico advisor

Cryptocurrency Consultant, active in the launch and development of projects related to blockchain technology

Good at: Management, Business Development, Sales
Not so good at: Investment Strategies, ICO Consultancy


Dr. Rex Yeap

rex yeap ico advisor

Commercialization of novel inventions, investing and incubating early stage companies

Good at: Business Evangelism, Angel Investment
Not so good at: Blockchain Investments


Mark van Dijk

mark van dijk ico advisor

Passionate about change, customer-centered design and agile methodologies that create digital products people love

Good at: E-commerce, Online Marketing
Not so good at: ICO Consultancy, Blockchain Investments


Vladimir Manzyuk

vladimir manzyuk ico advisor

System Analyst with 8 years of experience

Good at: Business Analysis, Data Analysis
Not so good at: ICO consultancy


Regnard Raquedan

regnard raquedan ico advisor

15 years of experience in the tech industry, involvement in startup and tech initiatives

Good at: User Experience Design, Mobile Apps
Not so good at: ICO consulting, ICO Marketing


Antoun Toubia

antoun toubia ico advisor

Investment analysis and launching ICOs for companies

Good at: Business Strategy, Investments
Not so good at: ICO Fundraising


Chintan Thakkar

chintan thakkar ico advisor

Passionate about leveraging tech-driven solutions to make a global impact and empower individuals and enterprises

Good at: Derivatives, Business Analysis, Trading, Consulting
Not so good at: Crypto Investment, ICO advisory


Bobby Tomkins

bobby tomkins ico advisor

Working on numerous projects for Blockchain start up companies

Good at: ICO Marketing, PR
Not so good at: ICO Advisory and Consultancy


Miikka Saloseutu

miikka saloseutu ico advisor

Serial entrepreneur and an experienced marketing professional

Good at: Sales, ICO and Blockchain Marketing
Not so good at: Digital Marketing, SEO


Dmitry Pshenin

dimitry pshenin ico advisor

P2P investments, ICO, SAFTS, Blockchain

Good at: ICO Marketing, Investment, Venture Capital
Not so good at: ICO Consultancy


Amanjyot S. Johar

amanjyot johar ico advisor

Successes in starting, building and growing companies, and improving performance and value of portfolio investments

Good at: Business Strategy, ICO Strategy
Not so good at: ICO Advisory/Consulting


Igor Karavaev

igor karavaev ico advisor

Professional mentor and coacher, ex-top manager

Good at: ICO Advisory, Business Strategy
Not so good at: ICO Investment


Nathan Christian

nathan christian ico advisor

Available for speaking engagements and blockchain education in Malta & US

Good at: Blockchain Education, Strategic planning
Not so good at: ICO Advisory (only gives opinions)


Luca Cotta

luca cotta ico advisor

ICO DRIVER and expert launching ICOs

Good at: Digital Marketing, ICO Fundraising
Not so good at: ICO Consultancy


Mofassair Hossain

mofassair hossain ico advisor

Team building, Marketing and Advertisement, PR, and much more

Good at: Marketing and Advertisement, ICO Advisory/Consultancy
Not so good at: Cryptoanalysis


Yaroslav Belkin

yaroslav belkin ico advisor

More than 10 years of experience in digital marketing

Good at: ICO Marketing
Not so good at: ICO Advisory


Luke Szkudlarek

luke szkudlarek ico advisor

Help founders prototype, build & launch innovative products

Good at: Growth-hacking blockchaing products, Blockchain Digital Marketing
Not so good at: ICO Advisory


Alena Narinyani

alena narinyani ico advisor

Journalist, advertising specialist, entrepreneur, fintech and cryptocurrency specialist, investor, miner

Good at: ICO Marketing, Investment
Not so good at: ICO advisory


Helvis Smoteks

helvijs smoteks ico advisor

Believe that good ideas deserve great exposure

Good at: ICO Advisory, Inbound Marketing
Not so good at:


Stefan Jovanovic

stefan jovanovic ico advisor

Experienced Android Developer

Good at: ICO Advisory/Consultancy
Not so good at: ICO Investments


Stephan De Haes

stephan de haes ico advisor

Chief Operating Officer at Krypt.ly, a FinTech startup

Good at: ICO Promotion and Advisory, Investments
Not so good at: Social Media Marketing


Alexis Berthoud

alexis berthoud ico advisor

Background in Entrepreneurship, Sales, Investment Banking and Industry

Good at: Bounty Programs, Escrow, ICO Advisory and Services
Shortcoming Not an easy man to get


Irina Nikitina

irina nikitina ico advisor

ICO Advisor, Lawyer with huge experience

Good at: ICO Marketing, ICO Advisory, Bounty Advisory
Not so good at:


Rick Tapia

rick tapia ico advisor

End-to-end Blockchain development and project ideation

Good at: Blockchain and ICO Advisory, Consultancy
Not so good at:


Jason Hung

jason hung ico advisor

Serial entrepreneur and inventor in mobile technology, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI and ERP related business

Good at: Investor Connection, ICO Advisory, Mobile Apps
Not so good at: Exchange listing


Sydney Ifergan

sydney ifergan ico advisor

Consulting online brokerages on online marketing

Good at: ICO Advisory/Consultancy
Not so good at:


Finishing with the best ICO advisors,

So there you have it – best ICO advisors and the worst, combined list of 26. Hopefully you have a clear idea (as of now) of whom to follow and whom not to.

And as said before we’ll update the list as and when neccessary. So stay tuned by joining our cool email list.

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