23 Best Crypto PR agencies [The Only List You Need to Market ICO]

You have prepared a solid project, with a solid team and you are ready to launch your ICO, thus you need to take the next step and market your project. If that’s the case then, now is the time to go through the best crypto PR agencies – and find the ONE!

But where to find the perfect fit for your needs in this vast marketing space?

This is our job!

We have compiled the ultimate list with the best crypto PR agencies to choose what suits best for your project!

  • With the services each agency provides
  • Their experience
  • Portfolio
  • And even the contact info is easily accessible

The ultimate list of the best crypto PR agencies

Read on and you will find the agencies with all the information you need to know about them!

Cryptoland PR

ICO marketing agencies

“We’re connecting innovators, leading players and game changers to journalists analysts, bloggers and thought leaders.”

  • Services: Strategic messaging, PR, influencer targeting, community management.
  • Experience: 4+ years experience in Blockchain, Fintech & Cryptocurrency coupled with 15+ years in Tech.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Blockchain, Bitpay, Powerledger, Qtum and more.
  • Contacthttps://twitter.com/cryptoland_pr

Crypto PR lab

ICO marketing agencies

“We are a boutique PR and ICO consulting agency working with blockchain and crypto startups and events.”

  • Services: PR and media, community building, speakers and conferences, investor introductions.
  • Experience: 2+ years in Blockchain, 5+ years in marketing and management.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: TrustLogics, Kuente, World Crypto Con, aigo.
  • Contactinfo@cryptoprlab.com

Blonde 2.0 – Blondechain

ICO marketing agencies

“We have built the best PR blockchain team on the planet focusing on strategic communications with the media and influencers in the field, to take crypto companies to the next level with maximum visibility in the space in front of reporters, investors, and the blockchain community.”

  • Services: PR, thought leadership, media relations, speaking opportunities, award submissions, crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Experience: 2+ years in Blockchain, 10+ years in tech PR and marketing.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Bancor, IOTA , Status.im, Black Moon, Winding Tree, Neufund, Sirin Labs, and more.
  • Contactmotti@blonde20.com

Melrose PR

ICO marketing agencies

“Melrose PR is a blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused marketing and PR agency located in the heart of Silicon Beach, California. With long-term strategy at our core, we leverage our industry relationships to put our clients in the eyes of media zealots and blockchain die hards.”

  • Services: PR, social media marketing, copywriting, content marketing, community management, communications strategy.
  • Experience: 5+ years in Blockchain marketing.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: DAO.Casino, GEM, MadHive, Cypherium, XCoins, SingularityNET
  • Contacthttps://www.melrosepr.com/work-with-us/


ICO marketing agencies

“We provide the most innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency organizations with strategies to engage global audiences. We help established companies better understand the cryptocurrency landscape and how they can leverage the transformative power of blockchain.”

  • Services: Media relations, Consulting, Crisis communications, Event production
  • Experience: 3+ years in Blockchain marketing.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Dash, Polymath, Coindesk, Input Output and more
  • Contact:  info@wachsman.com

Spark PR

ICO marketing agency

“Spark PR specializes since 1999 in helping tech-focused and innovation-oriented companies transform their brands by bringing their unique brand stories to life. The company offers a full range of public relations and integrated marketing programs to clients.”

  • Services: Public relations, Marketing strategy, Measurement & analytics, Paid media, Influencer marketing
  • Experience: 2+ years in Blockchain marketing, 18+ years in tech PR.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Compcoin, Blockchain Capital, Civic, FunFair and more.
  • Contacthttps://www.sparkchain.com/


ICO marketing agency

“We have helped startups collect more than $200,000,000 USD in funding through blockchain. We have helped projects gain more than 1000% in value.”

  • Services: Public relations, Community management, Influencer marketing, Bounty programs, Design.
  • Experience: 2+ years in Blockchain marketing.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Aurora, Kickcity, CLOUT, Pitch and more.
  • Contact: info@tokensuite.io

Bright Bee PR

ICO marketing agency

“We are PR experts and – unusually – we’re technology experts, with a computer scientist working on the team. This means we work quickly to establish the right messages and stories.”

  • Services: Public relations, Content marketing, Social media marketing, Event management, Video.
  • Experience: 1+ year in Blockchain marketing, 10+ years in Finance.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: CoinMetro, Omnitude, DAV, EnergiMine.
  • Contacthello@brightbee.co.uk

Key Difference Media

ICO marketing agency

“360° Approach to ICO Marketing. We work with the best ICOs to help them reach their hard caps. $270+ million and counting.”

  • Services: Public relations, Consulting, Content marketing, Influencer marketing, Media buying, Conversion optimization.
  • Experience: 3+ years in Blockchain marketing, 10+ years in Marketing.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Eterecash, Healthureum, Polyswarm, QuickX, Trustlogics.
  • Contacthttp://www.keydifferencemedia.com/#contact

Stature PR

ICO marketing agency

“Stature PR are renowned for strategic, intelligent and memorable campaigns that nurture brands, secure a voice and build a strong presence where and among whom it matters.”

  • Services: International public relations, Influencer marketing, Event management, Social media marketing, Crisis communications, Market research.
  • Experience: 4+ years in Blockchain marketing, 6+ years in Marketing.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Playkey, Bitcoin Live, Block Bid
  • Contacthello@staturepr.com


best crypto PR agency

“We believe in open, honest and transparent business and communications. We specialize in Crowdfunding Campaigns, ICOs, Robotics, Blockchain, and Equity Crowdfunding Campaigns, and our track record proves it.”

Services: Public relations, Digital advertising, Copywriting, Influencer marketing

Experience: 3+ years in Blockchain marketing, 5+ years in Marketing.

Portfolio – Key Clients: Several successful Kickstarter campaigns but no feedback on which ICOs they worked with.

Contact: Info@Blazonpr.com

Belkin Marketing

best crypto PR agency

“Founded 2007 in California. We have always adapted through the waves of time by using an innovative approach and strategy”

  • Services: Public relations, Website creation, Whitepaper development, Link building, Community management, Media relations.
  • Experience: 4+ years in Blockchain marketing, 11+ years in PR.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Etherecash, Healthureum, Neurogress, Auditchain, QuickX, Henkel, Alibaba.
  • Contact: belkin@belkinmarketing.com

Transform Group

best crypto PR agency

“Transform Group launched the first ICO, the first million-dollar ICO. We have launched over 60 ICOs that now represent over 31% of the total market in cryptocurrencies.”

  • Services: Public relations, Consulting
  • Experience: 5+ years in Blockchain marketing.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Ripple, Dash, NEM, Neo, Qtum, Eos, Augur, Bancor, Gnosis, Golem.
  • Contact: info@transform.pr


best crypto PR agency

“For businesses in the finance, transportation, or high tech ecosystems, KCD PR’s seasoned team knows the landscape and has the influential relationships that will increase visibility and communicate value to targeted audiences. We’ve been doing this a long time.”

  • Services: Public relations, Integrated marketing, Crisis communications, Media relations, Content marketing, Video marketing, Media training
  • Experience: 5+ years in Blockchain marketing, 9+ years in PR.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Cobinhood, Noble Gold, Noble Bitcoin
  • Contact: info@kcdpr.com


best crypto PR agency

“Uproar PR is a full service public relations firm that specializes in developing strategic campaigns that drive brand awareness and create industry buzz. Our team provides unique insight and perspective into media relations, thought leadership and social media. ”

  • Services: Media relations, Social media marketing, Thought leadership, Digital marketing.
  • Experience: 8+ years in Marketing.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Not available ICOs.
  • Contact: +1 (312) 878-4575 Chicago Office.

Market Across

best crypto PR agencies

” Market Across builds brand marketing solutions to help clients attract worldwide attention.”

  • Services:  Public relations, SEO, Reputation management, Blog management.
  • Experience: 5+ years in Blockchain Marketing.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Ceek, Cool Cousin, Decentraland, Fusion
  • Contact: info@marketacross.com

Inbound Junction

best crypto PR agencies

“Our team of tech-savvy marketers, PR pros and growth hackers works non-stop to keep clients a head of the game. With a
diverse range of backgrounds and unique sets of skills, our team is dedicated to grow your online business.”

  • Services: Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Reputation Management, Influencer Marketing, Blog Management.
  • Experience: 2+ years in Blockchain Marketing, 10+ years in Internet Marketing.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Gladius, NEO, Coul Cousin.
  • Contact: +972 545 464 238

ICO Promo

best crypto PR agencies

“ICO promo draws on the knowledge and experience of its team in the blockchain space, offering full-circle ICO services.”

  • Services: Public relations, Brand development, Bounty programs, Whitepaper writing, UX design, Measurement & analytics, Investor Communications.
  • Experience: 2+ years in Blockchain Marketing.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: Chronobank, TAAS, SONM, Blackmoon Crypto, Paragon Coin.
  • Contact: support@icopromo.com


“PMBC is a leading technology PR firm based in Los Angeles, servicing clients across the globe. Acting as an extension of a client’s team, PMBC develops and executes results-driven campaigns designed to elevate business profiles, attract investment, establish credibility and increase brand awareness. Areas of expertise include apps, software, adtech, fintech, consumer electronics and more.”

  • Services:  Public relations, Media relations, Influencer marketing, Celebrity / influencer marketing, Analyst relations, Competitive market analysis, Event management, Measurement & analytics, Media training, Crisis communications, Copywriting, Social media marketing, Awards & speaking programs, Speech writing, Trade show support.
  • Experience: 4+ years in Blockchain Marketing, 6+ years in PR.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: BitcoinIRA, Minkonet, Dash, Sagewise, Minkasu, timyo, SimpleHuman.
  • Contact: info@pmbcgroup.com

Market Me Good

best crypto PR agencies

“We are here to challenge the way things are done. We believe that good ideas deserve great exposure. With our marketing automation no goal is too ambitious. We build cost effective marketing funnels with the help of SEO that can be automated saving time and money on lead generation. ”

  • Services: SEO packages, ICO Marketing, E-shops design and creation.
  • Experience: 2+ years in Blockchain Marketing, 6+ years in SEO and Marketing.
  • Portfolio – Key Clients: ClearAid, Cryptopolice, Bead.Game, etc.
  • Contact: h@marketmegood.com

Done! Found the Crypto PR Agency of your Dreams?

As we all know marketing is not an easy task and especially when you are launching your project and you want everything to be done perfect.

So, using professionals might be the best decission you can make for the long-term.

Get out there, speak with the agencies and get sh*t done.

Choose the crypto PR agency wisely wisely because this can change the future of your project!

What are you waiting for?

Start contacting them now!

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With all these resources at your fingertips, it’s guaranteed your ICO will be a success.