12 Killer Alternatives to Coinbase – Avoid High Fees & Getting ur sht Tracked

Not a big fan of getting your data tracked, high fees, and scared of being reported to local Tax authorities?

You are not alone!

Those are few of very many reasons to seek alternatives to Coinbase.Coinbase killers

Security am I right :D?


Coinbase has positioned itself as one of the top and easiest to use exchanges of cryptocurrency.

That is true.

It has its strengths, including a market both in the United States and in 31 other countries. Plus it focuses on four major digital currencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH). In addition, the GDAX Exchange is now part of Coinbase.

Given these positive attributes, it’s not for everyone. 

So, if you are looking for exchanges that are secure, where you can convert USD/EUR/Card to Crypto – this is it.

We’ve put together a list as we like to call them – The Coinbase Killers.

Here they are – the best alternatives to Coinbase:



Alternative to Coinbase - Paybis


PayBis is a UK-based comprehensive exchange that offers a variety of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash. There’s a wide array of online currency as well and a relatively quick 15-20 verification time to get your credit card required.

What’s great? Trustpilot gives PayBis a 9.2 out of 10 excellent rating

  • Fees: On $100 USD deposit, the PayBis commission is 5% plus a $5 credit card fee. It’s bitcoin fee is 0.47 USD. For that deposit, you’d get $89.53 USD and 0.01429187 BTC.
  • Security Flaws: No hacks listed, Offers enhanced security of the Robinhood app by enabling Touch ID, Face ID, a custom PIN code or two-factor authentication.
  • Pros: The variety. Users also tend to love the speed you can exchange currency. A good rating from BitTrust.com
  • Cons: ForeBrokerz mentions PayBis is not regulated and that it’s fees might be a little high compared to the optimal 5% fee.
  • Video guide on how to buy it.

Robinhood Crypto

Alternative to Coinbase - Ronbinhood

Robinhood  markets itself as fee free and an ideal tool for investing in stocks. Its seeking to fill a niche with investing, and for that it has a supportive fanbase online. Most people reference how the concept could put crypto on the defensive. It has available cryptocurrencies BTC, BCH, DOGE, ETH, ETC and LTC, and it supports real-time market data for Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Lisk, Monero, NEO and others.

“The rise of apps culture brings with it new means of access to tools and systems previously much more difficult to engage with.” – Finder.com

  • Fees: What’s made Robinhood so popular as a finance app is that it is free. It has zero fees, commissions or hidden charges to trade stocks. Robinhood plans to extend its no-fee trading extends to cryptocurrencies as well.
  • Security Flaws: No hacks listed, just security warning from ForexBrokerz about linking to Facebook accounts.
  • Pros: Easy to use, plus the free trading and a quick approval process.
  • Cons: Its limited service in that only five U.S. states can invest initially in its crypto. Potential withdrawal waits to comply with regulations, and also it doesn’t support virtual wallets.
  • Video Guide on how to buy it.


Alternative to Coinbase - Revolut

Revolut is a digital banking system and amazing alternative to Coinbase that includes a prepaid debit card, currency exchange, cryptocurrency exchange and peer-to-peer payments. Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. It is aiming to break down the borders of banking.

Since its launch in 2015, Revolut has reached over 2 million users. With an elegant, streamlined smartphone app, Revolut is providing a progressive banking solution for today’s hyper-connected world.” Finder.com

  • Fees: A free standard level and then a £6.99/month premium level.
    • Security Flaws: No hacks listed, Revolut is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), protecting your money if Revolut face problems.
  • Pros: 25 currencies in your account with instant spending between them. Spend abroad with no fees. Interbank exchange rate.
  • Cons: Weekend 0.5% markup. Free cash withdrawals limited to £200/month.
  • Video Guide on how to buy it.


Alternative to Coinbase - CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch bills itself as the most trusted and secure cryptocurrency exchange that can convert more than 300 cryptocurrencies across all exchanges at the best rate. It is known for allowing you to compare rates of different exchanges in a very intuitive UI which always gets you the best price.

Using this exchange for 6 months, found very good for exchanging cryptocurrencies, user-friendly and excellent support. Whenever I face any issue, the support team will respond within a few hours and resolves the issue. I would recommend everyone to use this exchange and I am sure that you would definitely love it.” Dylan Dean via Bittrust.org.

  • Fees: CoinSwitch charges a fee of 0% to 0.75% depending on the exchange you use for each transaction.  The fee does not include any amount charged by the exchange itself and the network fee.
    • Security Flaws: No hacks listed, You do provide email address, name, DOB, country of residence and phone number, plus verification of email and phone number. Finder.com notes there is limited info available on CoinSwitch’s website about security features.
  • Pros: Access more than 300 cryptocurrencies, intuitive interface, no transaction limits except those imposed by individual exchanges.
  • Cons: Trade fees can vary between exchanges, fiat deposits not accepted.
  • Video Guide on how to buy it.


Alternative to Coinbase - ChangeElly

Changelly built a crypto Czech-based exchange after entering the game with its mining platform, Minergate, which most users believe gives it credibility based on its team’s experience in the crypto world. It can handle nearly 100 types of currencies, including the RLC token.

“Changelly has already carved out a strong international presence and has earned the trust of 300,000 customers since 2015.” – Finder.com review.

  • Fees: Charges a flat rate of 0.5% per transaction. Uses an instant conversion rate. A 5% fee on credit card deposits. Users will pay networking fees set and collected by blockchain networks. A 5% trading fee, 1-7.1% deposit fee and same for withdrawal fees.
    • Security Flaws: No hacks listed. Viewed as a safe and trusted exchange with a platform that enables 2-factor authentication to set up your account.
  • Pros: User interface is straightforward and easy to use. Beginners to skilled traders are usually satisfied. No limits and relatively low fees in going between cryptocurrencies. Largest offering of cryptocurrencies. Nice website design. Popular platform with credibility among traders. Competitive commission fee.
  • Cons: No order book for trades, and somewhat high fees for credit card deposits, like other changes. Also higher rates than other exchanges when purchasing cryptocurrency directly.
  • Video Guide on how to buy it.


Alternative to Coinbase - BitIt

Bitit is a Paris-based crypto exchange that allows users to buy cryptocurrencies using their own local fiat currency. The exchange supports 14 different currencies, including the Chinese Yuan Renminbi and Japan’s Yen. Users can deposit funds using a credit card, cash, e-wallet or by wire transfer. Cash vouchers can be bought in some stores in Europe. There is a store locator to find these branches.

Its most notable feature is the ability to make quick purchases with cash or card, from almost anywhere in the world.” – Finder.com review

  • Fees: No trading fee, Deposit fees: 6.9% credit/debit cards, 3% TrustPay, 5.9-11.9% cash vouchers. No withdrawal fees.
    • Security Flaws: No hacks listed. It encrypts its data and maintains the levels of security you’d expect from any service that handles customer credit card numbers online.
  • Pros: Simple to use and allows you to pay with cash or credit card.
  • Cons: Relatively higher fees than other services, and strict per-transaction order limits.
  • Video Guide on how to buy it.


Alternative to Coinbase - BitIt

Coinmama is an Israel-based exchange that trades in two cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH. Its website mentions it hopes to add others in the future. Its methods of payment listed are credit or debit cards. Still, it is one of the more popular bitcoin marketplaces out there, boasting over 200,000 customers and selling both bitcoin and Ethereum to verified users.

“The exchange is very simple to use. It provides spot rates on buying cryptocurrency so does not have an extended trading platform with order books for advanced traders,” Blockonomi

  • Fees: 5.9% trading fee, 5% credit card deposit fee, no withdrawal fees.
    • Security Flaws: No hacks listed, Established and seen as reputable.
  • Pros: Live pricing in US dollars and Euros, buy fractions of a bitcoin, easy to review your orders, buy direct from the site, multi-language site.
  • Cons: Cannot sell bitcoin, only buy it; does not accept PayPal, American Express or Discover, can’t link to your bank account to expedite new purchases, and no smartphone app.
  • Video Guide on how to buy it.


Alternative to Coinbase - CoinCorner

CoinCorner is headquartered in the Isle of Man, and its exchange allows users to buy bitcoin with a debit card, credit card or bank transfers. Its platform supports bitcoin trading, and it offers its own Android and iOS wallet apps.

“It has very low fees which range between 1% and 2.5% per transaction. Similar to Coinmama, CoinCorner also has a simple buy interface to get instant rates on Bitcoin.” – Blockonomi review

  • Fees: Relatively low between 1% to 2.5% per transaction, though you will want to watch exchange rate fees that accept credit card payments.
    • Security Flaws: No hacks listed.
  • Pros: Great if you are in the UK, relatively low transaction fees, simply website makes it easy to use.
  • Cons: Limit to bitcoin only, and possible higher exchange rate fees using credit card payments. Not ideal for more experienced traders.
  • Video Guide on how to buy it.


Alternative to Coinbase - LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins has the strength of a marketplace that puts many bitcoin buyers and sellers in touch. Seen as the Craigslist of bitcoin, it is an effective option as a peer-to-peer exchange.

“If you want to make a bitcoin-based international money transfer, using LocalBitcoins.com is one of the best ways to do it.” – Finder.com review

  • Fees: No trading fee. Varying deposit fees, minimal cryptocurrency withdrawal, but 4%-7% on other types of withdrawals including credit cards.
    • Security Flaws: Watch out for fraud because it to a peer-to-peer service. Note to be safe when exchanging bitcoins in person, and watch for unusual payment methods.
  • Pros: Traders from more than 200 countries, transfers can be quick. Can be cheap and convenient offering online trades.
  • Cons: May not be sellers in some countries, you must handle transfer details yourself, potential high risk in pickup options, exchange rates can vary widely.
  • Video Guide on how to buy it.


Alternative to Coinbase - Cex.Io

CEX is registered in the UK and thus a credible exchange.

You can buy bitcoin using a Visa or Mastercard, and it accepts cryptocurrencies, bank transfers and credit cards in trading options. You can buy eight different cryptocurrencies namely BTC, ETH, BCH, Bitcoin Gold (BTG), DASH, Ripple(XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and ZCash (ZEC).The exchange supports four fiat currencies namely USD, GBP, Russian Rubles, (RUB) and the Euro (EUR) if you buy with fiat currency.

“The biggest advantage to this exchange is that they claim to have coverage in 99% of the world’s cryptocurrency countries.” – Blockonomi review

  • Fees: Average fee is 3.5% per card deposit, and small fee per transaction. A 3% charge per crypto withdrawal. Low exchange fees from 0-0.25% depending on the amount.
    • Security Flaws: No hacks listed, seen as reputable. Little information required for first tier verification, but that increases at higher level.
    • Pros: An easy instant buy and sell interface which makes it easy for first-time Bitcoin buyers. For more advanced traders there is a full order book and charts interface where they can place buy and sell order for their cryptocurrency.
  • Cons: Not supported in several U.S. states. Restrictions apply in some countries.
  • Video Guide on how to buy it.

Wall of Coins

Alternative to Coinbase - WallofCoins

Wall of Coins is another peer-to-peer bitcoin market that offers some of the lowest rates and high privacy standards. Deffinitely a killer alternative to Coinbase

“Wall of Coins offers a hassle-free approach to buying and selling bitcoin. As a peer-to-peer lender, the exchange places a strong emphasis on protecting sellers, so much so that it limits payment options to cash-only deposits.” Finder.com review

  • Fees: Can vary, though generally low 1-2%, depending on several conditions, uses BTC, CASH cryptocurrencies, USD and other fiat currencies, cash deposit methods..
    • Security Flaws: A no-registration promise, which means you can purchase and receive bitcoin without giving up your personal information. Wall of Coins only asks for your phone number and postal code. Safeguards sellers storing their bitcoin offline in a cold wallet. Platform uses AI to detect and block fraudulent transactions.
  • Pros: Some of the lowest rates around, strong privacy standards, cash deposits accepted in more than 120,000 places.
  • Cons: Difficult to buy large quantities of bitcoin and fees not displayed publicly.
  • Video Guide on how to buy it.


Alternative to Coinbase - itBit

itBit is a global Bitcoin exchange licensed with the New York State Department of Financial Services. It also operates a global OTC trading desk.

“It is a ‘boutique service specializing in large bitcoin trades starting over 100 bitcoins.’ It offers a deep orderbook, personalized trading support and competitive pricing.” Forexbrokerz review.

  • Fees: Flat fee of 0.10% per transaction with trading only in bitcoin against USD, Euro and SGD. A 0.2% taker fee on its global exchange.
    • Security Flaws: No hacks listed. Uses robust security measures. It does require immediate account verification, and has credibility as first exchange to receive a charter from the New York State Department of Financial Services. It is audited regularly and follows all consumer protection laws.
  • Pros: OTC trading desk is ideal for buying or selling large blocks of bitcoin; licensed bitcoin exchange in New York that operates legally in 50 states.
  • Cons: Limited payment options.
  • Video Guide on how to buy it.

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