10 Impactful ways to promote your Blockchain project

Blockchain projects need to be promoted to be successful. You may already have strong marketing skills, but there are blockchain-specific marketing methods that can help you make the most of your projects.

Blockchain is much like any other specialized marketplace. There are definitely challenges, requirements, and unwritten rules that everyone must be aware of when deciding what kind of marketing techniques they want to employ to promote their blockchain project.

Blockchain definitely has a lot of untapped potential

In this guide we will look at:

  • What is Blockchain?
  • 10 ways to promote your Blockchain project

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the technology that fuels the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and many companies are using it to create startups of their own. It is basically a certified, safe transaction between two parties. While its main function is for financial transactions, blockchain has many other possibilities. It can certify the exchange of stocks, validate identities, secure title deeds, and protect the security of ballots cast online. Because of its potential, a lot of investors and businesses are utilizing it to secure their business.

10 impactful ways to promote your Blockchain project

1) Connect with Blockchain Associations

Blockchain associations, whether local or global associations, still play a key role in the industry. Some associations are forum-like and easy to join while others require specific business partnerships or living in a geographic location. If you aren’t eligible to join every group, you can still consider any relationships and contacts that you make an invaluable avenue for promotion.

Whether it is filling out a web form, signing up for a forum, or making a phone call; you need to do whatever it takes to get connected in the blockchain space. There are no specific rules to best make contacts, but the best way to approach it is to reach out in any way that will connect you the quickest.

2) Concentrate on the basics

While employing websites, social media channels, email newsletters, blogs, and relevant e-commerce stores may seem like simple marketing strategies, businesses should consider them fundamental. Many businesses use them, but only a few do them well.

Websites: You need to make it easy for potential customers to make contact and make sure that your website is clear about the services that your business provides. If you have a modest budget, you can use website-building tools.

Newsletters: You are relying on your own email list so you need to send out your best blog posts, don’t spam, and the value of your newsletter will definitely grow.

Blogs: Using owned media like blogs are another way to share news about your project and provide social media content. If you are a new business, sometimes you may not have the time or money for content marketing like other more-established companies.

Social media: Twitter and Linkedin are the standard social media channels for businesses and are good avenues to publish news, join conversations, and build connections. Steemit and Whaleshares are newer channels that are blockchain-based and attract users that are interested in the wider business and social applications of blockchain technology.

3) Connect with Blockchain visionaries and experts

The Blockchain environment is typically quite open and inviting. It is a space where beginners can link with experts if there is a problem that needs to be solved.  If you ever needed advice, you can talk about your big ideas that fuel your project and you have a very good chance that blockchain experts will be excited and interested to talk to you about it.

4) Visit Blockchain and Industry Conferences

Regardless of whether you are going to an industry conference to speak or to make connections, get into conversations with your colleagues, competitors, and potential customers. Many conferences will help and examine of Blockchain technology to various businesses, governments, and nonprofit endeavors.

You also don’t need to stick to just blockchain conferences, you can go to industry conferences in your target industry.

5) Partner with Industry Leaders

They have been in the game for a long time and they are used to doing things a certain way. So, it is possible that they are interested in different and profitable innovations. So, get yourself found and pitch influencers in partnerships that they may find valuable.

6) Create trust and build authority

Blockchain has had a reputation of being riddled with crime and underhanded dealings. Because of this, you need to establish yourself a real, legit business. You need to take care of basics and clearly state the allocation of funds to assure customers that the money is in the right place.

7) Explain your value proposition

You need to make it clear to potential customers that your business provides legitimate and valuable services. Explain why blockchain is important to what your business does and your value proposition, your business will gain credibility from there.

8) Forge connections with Blockchain-Friendly Institutions

You should try and develop connections with blockchain-friendly institutions because there are public and private institutions out there that offer encouraging environments for blockchain-based enterprises. It is possible to find local, national, transnational corporate, and nonprofit institutions that have a deep interest and investment in blockchain development.

9) Employ Blockchain Ambassadors

Your business can hire existing ambassadors or train those interested in blockchain to become ambassadors because they are out there to share their knowledge and expertise with the wider blockchain and business world. They will also help you promote and legitimize your blockchain project and connect with the community.

10) Promote your Blockchain Project wisely

Marketing Blockchain projects comes with challenges that are unlike other projects. You will have to deal and overcome common misconceptions, the mixed reputation of the blockchain space, and poor knowledge among your target audience.

But, the positives are that you are part of a supportive community, you have institutional assistance and opportunities to market in a more informal way. So, you definitely need to take advantage of those opportunities, engage with a wider blockchain community, and watch your project succeed.


Blockchain technology is still fairly new and evolving, which can cause some anxiety among investors and questions among followers. Just remember that if you are part of a blockchain startup, you are on the cutting edge of technology and it will require strong marketing efforts to promote your company and leverage its potential for customers and investors.